Southern Region Program & Staff Development
August 30- September 1, 2004
August 30, 2004


Mitch Owen (Chair, NC)
Debra Davis (Vice-Chair, LA)
Scott Cummings (Secretary, TX)
Roger Rennekamp (KY)
Della Baker (SC)
Chris Boleman (TX)
Joe Waldrum (AR)
Rich Poling (AR)
Howard Ladewig (FL) Joseph Donaldson (TN)
Herb Byrd (TN)
F. Richard Rohs (GA)
Ron Brown (ASRED)
Robert Richard (LA)
Paul Warner (KY)
Ronnie White (MS)
Michael Newman (MS)
Susan Seal (MS)
Julie Sexton (MS)
Greg Price (GA)
Mary Ellen Blackburn (GA)
Melvin Irizarry (PR)
Maria Rodriguez (PR)
Thelma Feaster (NC)
Cathy Sutphin (VA)
Joyce Martin (OK)
Rebecca Dollman (AL)

Call to Order
Mitch Owen, Chair (NC) called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m., August 30, 2004. Introductions
All participants were asked to introduce themselves providing the state they were representing and their primary area of work. Comments from SR-PSDC Leadership
An opportunity for comments from the SR-PSDC leadership was provided.

Thelma Feaster, 1890 Representative -
All 1890 programs are engaged in PSD venues. The 1890 system is working on developing a PSD initiative. Joe Waldrum, 1862 Representative -
Selection of a new 1862 representative will need to be conducted. A commitment is needed from this person. Missing 2 meetings (in-person, phone, etc.) will mean dismissal from the position. The PLC groups, which began in 1989-90, have developed into an effective tool for the Southern Region. People are working well together. The new representative will have a cooperative group to work with.

Paul Warner, ASRED Representative -
Paul Warner discussed items from the ASRED retreat. Specific items for the group to work on include:

Leadership - With the possible demise of NELD, what can the region do to fill the gap? Expertise and leadership is needed for the future. The NELD philosophy supported this. The NC Region has a program that has pulled support away from NELD. Budget constraints have also hurt leadership programs.
Joe Waldrum added that it is hard to get people to apply for administrative positions. To some degree people are not trained to be leaders. Does the PSD need to help develop this? The PSD has a role and we have been asked to work on this. Possibly with the Middle Managers group. An action item will be developed and sent back to the PLC. Paul added that we need to define the audience. States will have to commit resources to make it successful. All program areas need to buy in to be successful.

SEAL - The region and the PSD spawned this effort. A website and notebook of materials has been developed. Several states are implementing including Kentucky and 6 other states. These regional materials have been very helpful.

Ron Brown, ASRED -
Ron provided some feedback on a few other items of interest. These included:

Economic Impact Inventory - This discussion was based on the importance of economic indicators and the hiring of an individual in Texas to work on reporting economic data. Scott Cummings added how this person is working with their evaluation staff to have a complete picture of outcome and impact results. The directors are looking at how other states can work in this area.

Performance Measures - The Directors raised this issue in their Atlanta meting on using performance measure to measure success, mainly because of scrutiny by others. If we do not determine our own measure, someone will determine them for us. We need to define these to stay ahead of the curve. As a region we need to develop indicators that we call all work to as a measure of productivity.

The PSD named a committee to develop a white paper and matrix of measures that would go to the Directors at their spring meeting. This would come back to the PSD next summer and a final copy would be available in the fall of 05. Howard Ladewig suggested using a model by Norton & Kaplan that measure FTEs and the quality of people. This is also called a 'Balanced Score Card'. The committee includes:

Scott Cummings (TX)
Co-Chair Roger Renekamp (KY)
Co-Chair Scott Cummings (TX)
Howard Ladewig (FL)
Robert Richard (LA)
Michael Lambur (VA)

Thelma Feaster asked about AEAs role in this. Ron suggested that was appropriate. The PSD asked Thelma to take this to AEA for a representative to be named. Thelma agreed to do this.

Nomination Committee
Rich Poling represented the nomination committee. The following individuals were nominated for these positions:

1862 Representative - Herb Byrd (TN) & Roger Rennekamp (KY) No other nominations were received. Michael Newman moved to close the nominations and Howard Ladewig seconded. Passed. PSD Secretary - Greg Price (GA) & Susan Seal (MS) No other nominations were received. Della Baker moved to close the nominations and Michael Newman seconded. Passed.

Mitch described that based on past experience anyone could vote. Ballots were sent around. Results were:
1862 Representative - Roger Rennekamp
PSD Secretary - Susan Seal

State Reports
The following states provided State reports on Day 1:

Meeting with Middle Managers
The PSD committee and the Middle Managers committee met in a joint meeting. The following were topics of discussion.

e-Extension - Tim Cross (TN) provided a white paper on the Middle Managers view of e-Extension. He discussed the need to build e-Extension and our capacity. Ron Brown was asked for his comments. Ron discussed that e-Extension calls for teams based on expertise, not geography. These are 'Communities of Interest'. The scope of e-Extension is broader than what CSREES does. There is currently no strategy for those areas beyond the traditional areas. Fred Piazza gave an additional update. The idea of e-Extension was generated several years ago. The Southern Region has pushed it forward. There is interest across other regions and financial support from CSREES. In February 2003 the Directors asked for a business plan on e-Extension. $50,000 was committed to Accenture to develop this plan. It was presented in February 2004 and approved. An assessment was placed on each state with additional funds committed by CSREES this fiscal year and next fiscal year. A governing committee was formed and bylaws and a governing document were developed. A finance task force is working on a 3D line for federal funding of 8 million dollars and is also looking at foundation monies. Staff has also been hired to move e-Extension along. The governing committee selected Dan Cotton as Executive Director, Kevin Gamble as Associate Director for IT, and the team of Carla Craycraft and Craig Wood as Associate Director for Program Content. This team will provide leadership. Fred discussed several other points. There is a plan to role CECP into e-Extension. A question was asked as to the difference. It was explained that e-Extension is primarily for external audiences and CECP is intended for internal audiences. In addition, an IT and Communications committee has been formed to keep things rolling. This is a diverse group from across the U.S. They are looking at core technologies, both short-term and long-term, including content management and learner management. An RFP has been developed to assist with this. A question was asked as to how agents would be involved in this effort. Ron said that has not been decided. It is intended that e-Extension will assist with repetitive questions and free up time for agents. It will also have tools to help agents do their jobs. Agents will use information more than they will put information into the system.

Issue Identification - Mixed groups from the MM and the PSD worked on issue identification. Directions for the groups were to focus on issues of importance to both groups over the next 3-5 years. Specifically, they were asked to address the following question "What are the issues that Extension will be facing in the next 3-5 years that may have implications for PSD & MM PCs?" The groups brainstormed individually then did round robin discussion of issues. They then prioritized the top 5 and reported out to the larger group. The themes identified were:

Succession Planning/Leadership
Young Staff/Gen X,Y
Technology/Distance Education
Working with Diverse Audiences
Priority Setting - Programmatic
Agent Retention/Training

Leadership Programs - A discussion was held on leadership in the SR. Key points were how we move forward to keep leaders for PLC, that leadership is about succession with PLN. There is nothing concrete now but focused leadership activities are needed with the audience of PLN and future PLN leaders. Many questions still remain as to what is needed or being asked for by the directors. Charles Cox joined the group to try to shed some light on this subject. He stated that there is recognition of a lack of leaders coming up in the ranks. There is still a need for programs like NELD. With the PLN or future PLN as the audience there is a need for better orientation and training for people who want to be PLs and MMs. Russell King asked how to bring these groups together. The directors need to know how to get a handle on this.

A work group will be formed made up of all PCs that would develop a leadership program for new PLs and MMs, and aspiring PLs and MMs. Mitch and Debra will develop an action for PLC.

August 31, 2004

Joint Session with MM
A presentation from Plateau was given. This session showcased a Learning Management System focused on professional development needs. Several items were discussed including:


Technology Support
Licensing Agreements
Storage of Data and other Services

State Reports (cont.)

  • Mississippi - Mississippi just launched a new internal website. It is protected so you might need to contact the staff at Mississippi to gain guest access. The website is located at Many options are available on the site. Development of the site was a collaborative effort with Org Development, Ag Comm, and IT. A graphic designer was also used.
  • Puerto Rico - PR is currently developing an accountability system. The system is being developed to be user friendly and capture impacts and accomplishments. They are following the NCSU system. It will launch in January 2005. In addition, they are planning a conference for October 2005 on working with Latino audiences.
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina
  • North Carolina A&T (1890 Report)
Work Plan Session

Action Items
Two items are being considered for Action Items to the PLC. This is our request to PLC to be passed onto ASRED/AEA for action. Several information items are also being considered.


Item 1 - Organize workgroup to formulate a proposal for leadership training for program leaders.

Item 2 - Measuring success in Extension in the Southern Region (performance indicators item).

Discussion was held on both items.

Other items discussed included:



Study for CECP to determine the number of instructional designers in SR

Review process for reviewing products in PSD for CECP materials.

SEAL Report
Chris Boleman (TX) provided an update on SEAL and work towards a 2005 conference. Currently the team is working on curriculum and the new conference. See attached notes.

Currently materials are on CD-ROM, web based, and in a notebook (only for participants at 2003 conference).

A discussion was then held. A question was asked as to whether we need an action now to endorse the 2005 conference. We agreed to create an action item to endorse the conference.

Information Items - Mitch asked for any information items to be included in the report. They are:


MAP Follow-Up - The second phase of MAP (Excell training) will be held November 9-11, 2004 in Lexington, KY.

CECP Review - A work team was formed to design a review process for CECP projects. The team includes Cathy Sutphin (VA), Chair, Julie Sexton (MS), Joseph Donaldson (TN), and Della Baker (SC). Cathy will develop a timeline.

CECP - Julie Sexton provided a brief overview on CECP and sent around 2 handouts.

Instructional Design Asset Analysis - Mitch discussed the need to identify instructional designers for CECP projects. This inventory was requested by Ron Brown. Mary Ellen Blackburn asked specifically about skills important for this inventory. It was noted that this is not web page development but learning module development.

Mitch suggested a study be done with rigor to assess this. This should lead to a white paper to present to ASRED/AEA. Michael Newman (MS), Ronnie White (MS), Julie Sexton (MS) and Mitch Owen (NC) will work on this.

Mary Ellen concluded this discussion by asking if there a templates for the modules. There is no one template.

A tour of Southern Mississippi was planned for the afternoon.

September 1, 2004
State Reports (Cont.)

Planning & Reporting
The Five-Year POW - Bart Hewitt of CSREES provided an overview of planning and accountability goals from CSREES. These new goals are designed to meet several federal requirements.

In addition, he discussed the POW for 2007-2011. They are working on a database entry system to introduce a "One Solution" approach. New POWs will be due in the spring of 2006. Guidelines will be issued in the fall of 2004 and the spring of 2005. The Feds are looking for more structured and standardized measures, using a logic model approach and program classification areas. Fall 2005 regional meetings are planned to introduce these changes. The PSD requested a list of the standardized measures being considered.

Unfinished Business
Mitch led a discussion of unfinished business.

The first item was CECP modules being developed by PSD.

  1. History Module - This module is almost complete but needs someone to champion if we are going to keep. Herb Byrd suggested Randol Waters of TN. Chris Boleman offered his assistance and John Hillson at VT was also mentioned to help.
  2. Impact Writing - Della gave a report that said one module was complete and the 2 other modules were in progress. Dee Shore from NC was suggested as someone who could help. In addition, it was learned that the Communications group was working on a similar module. Howard Ladewig asked that the criteria for writing an impact statement be sent out. Della will share this.
  3. Presentation Module - Joe reported this module is 80% complete.
  4. Facilitation Module - Debra Davis reported it is being worked on. 80% of the text is done. No graphics are in the module. It is still very 'flat'. It is expected that all modules will be complete by next summer's meeting.
Updated Taxonomy - Michael Newman shared that it is complete as of now.

PSD Conference - Scott Cummings gave a brief report. Only ideas have been generated as of now. Possible ideas include tying the conference in with the PLN meetings or the 2005 SEAL Conference. In addition, other regions may be interested.

A group was formed to develop a conference for 2006. This group consists of Scott Cummings, Co-Chair (TX), Robert Richard, Co-Chair (LA), Mitch Owen (NC), Joe Waldrum (AR), Thelma Feaster (NC & 1890).

Work Plan - See attached.

Update on PLC - All items submitted were approved and sent on to ASRED/AEA. Minutes, membership, and the work plan is due by September 15, 2004.

Welcome of New Officers & Future Meetings - The new officers were welcomed. They are: Debra Davis, Chair (LA), Scott Cummings, Vice Chair (TX), and Susan Seal, Secretary (MS).

Debra Discussed future meetings. She wants to have quarterly meetings (2 conference calls, 1 video conference, and the face to face next summer). She would also like to initiate a discussion forum.