Community Development Committee
Conference Call
October 31 , 2007


Bo Beaulieu, SRDC
Hank Cothran, University of Florida
Ed Jones, North Carolina State University
Sally Maggard, CSREES
Emily Shaw, SRDC
Charles Sheppard, Alcorn State University
Joe Sumners, Auburn University
Greg Taylor, Texas Cooperative Extension
Sandra Thompson, Florida A&M University
Deborah Tootle, University of Arkansas
Louis Whitesides, South Carolina State University
Tony Windham, University of Arkansas
Joe Zublena, North Carolina State University


Larson Hicks, EMSI

SRDC Updates

September eXtension CoP Meeting

Bo reported that the team met in New Hampshire on September 25-27; close to 15 people attended. The most important outcome of the meeting was the creation of subcommittees: evaluation, development, and marketing. All of this group should have received an email about these subcommittees. Bo asked that everyone please refer appropriate colleagues (state-level, county-level, etc.) to these subcommittees. The latest update shows that for CoPs we have the fourth highest number of individuals who have signed up. There is lots of interest in the system. The total number when combining the regional team signups and the eXtension CoP interest signups is 220. This entire list should have received the email about signing up for the subcommittees.

Upcoming TOAC and Board Meetings

Next week (November 5-7) the SRDC will be meeting with its Technical and Operational Advisory Committee (TOAC) and its Board of Directors in South Carolina. TOAC will be working on three or four major things: (1) roundtable session results to delve more deeply into data on research and Extension priorities, (2) a toolkit of "new agent" resource, (3) refining a list hot topics for the SRDC's new one pagers, and (4) giving more structure to a multi-year training to include discussion on certification.

Demographic Information Database

Bo reminded the group about what was briefly discussed in Louisville regarding a demographic information database. Bo then introduced Larson Hicks with Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. (EMSI).

EMSI is a provider of regional economic and labor market data, web-based analysis tools, and
consulting services-integrated solutions that bring together industry, workforce, and education
perspectives. EMSI provides workforce information to thousands of customers representing
workforce boards, economic development organizations, government agencies, community
colleges, universities, and policy professionals across the nation. Their StrategicAdvantage
product is customizable by data and function, and produces presentation-ready reports in graphs,
tables, and maps. The product consists of four core components: (1) Economic Forecaster, (2) Career Pathways, (3) Economic Impact, and (4) Educational Analyst. Additional information was provided prior to the call.(Document 1 | Document 2)

Mr. Hicks, via Webinar, demonstrated the features of the product. He also offered a free demo account, available for a couple of weeks, for anyone who is interested.

BR&E Training

Emily reported that the training website is now up and running at . The early bird registration deadline is November 16. The training can accommodate 20-40 participants. Everyone was encouraged to spread the news and get the word out to interested individuals in their state.

Advisor's Update

Joe Zublena reported that the directors are currently spending their time on future funding, CREATE 21, and representation in Washington (leadership direction and future funding). Nothing is settled at this point. One of the biggest changes is the Experiment Station side is trying to withdraw funding support and use regional model with executive directors. The directors will be meeting next week in New York at NASULGC.


Emily Shaw reported the following items on behalf of Sally Maggard, who had to leave the call early:

Sally w ill be attending the TOAC and SRDC Board meeting in South Carolina. The RRDC All-Centers meeting will be November 14-16 in Washington, and one agenda item is cross-region collaboration on training. The session is called "Multi-State Training Activities: Building Synergy Across the RRDCs."  Bo and Sally will try and represent Southern CRD expertise well! Finally, the National Council for CRD is making progress.  Please keep your eyes open for requests for writing, reviewing, vetting.

PLC Update

Tony Windham reported that the group had a conference call on the 18 th ; they have a face-to-face meeting December 11-12 n Atlanta to work on the 2008 meeting agenda. One item of interest: PLC hopes to have an orientation in spring for all committee chairs to go over what's expected at PLC and how to write action and info items (still lots of confusion).


Deborah Tootle reported that the call for nominations has gone out and the deadline is November 2. Also, NACDEP is in the process of doing an Operations and Procedures manual, which is being worked on by Mike Woods, Deborah Tootle, Connie Wagner, Steve Smutko and Hank Cothran. Hank also told the group to be looking for note about awards from Cynthia Pilcher, the Southern representative.

National CRED

Deborah reported that a group met October 1-2 in Minnesota. There is an ambitious plan for moving forward; the idea behind this is to get everyone together to carve out national identity of what CD is. This identity is very important at this time in light of Dr. Zublena's report. A white paper will be vetted through everyone in field; everyone will have a chance for input.

With no other business, the call adjourned at 9:54 am.