Who’s who for ALS
ü Advisory leaders will be able to name and identify extension faculty and staff.
ü Advisory leaders will learn where other advisory leaders live and what they contribute to the Extension advisory council.


 Advance Preparation:

ü Ask program-affiliated teams of faculty and staff to prepare a one-minute commercial about their program. Suggest that they highlight key programs and/or audiences and identify faculty and staff involved.
ü Invite all advisory leaders, faculty and staff to this orientation session.
ü Adapt the handout “This is Cooperative Extension” as needed.
ü Prepare a list of current advisory members and contact information
ü Locate a large county map and mount on poster board or other heavy material that will sit on an easel or tape to a wall.
ü Get colored round stickers.
ü Secure an LCD projector or make transparencies from the PowerPoint visuals

 Materials Needed:

ü Handout: “Faculty and Program Inventory Tool”
ü Handout: Current advisory council member listing with contact information
ü Handout: “This Is Cooperative Extension”
ü PowerPoint: “Who’s Who Among…” and notes pages
ü Overhead or LCD projector
ü County map and stickers
ü Small prize for Interest Approach “contest”


 Time Needed:    40 minutes


Advisory leaders work closely with extension faculty and staff and with other advisory leaders. It is very important for advisory leaders to know about educational programs important to people in the county and the faculty and staff who are affiliated with those programs.

Advisory leaders represent geographic areas of the county as well as target audiences and  sometimes an emerging issue. In this session, advisory leaders will begin to programs to the people responsible for making them successful.

INTEREST APPROACH     (10 minutes)
Distribute the handout “This is Cooperative Extension”.
Ask participants to work in teams to answer as many of the questions about the extension staff and programs as possible.
Give a prize for the most correct answers.

LESSON     (20 minutes)
Use the PowerPoint presentation or transparencies “Who’s Who Among…” to introduce the lesson.  The notes pages will guide you through the presentation.
Ask participants to work in teams to answer as many of the questions about the extension staff and programs as possible.
Give each each person a listing of current advisory council members and a colored dot sticker. Ask each person to give their name, their community and a one word descriptor for it,  and then to put the dot on the map to show where they are located in the county.
Introduce faculty to do their commercials about program offerings.
Provide each member with a “Faculty and Programs Inventory Tool” handout. Tell them their assignment is to fill in information during the commercials. After the commercials, ask members to seek help from whoever can help complete their inventory tool.
Process the activity with the following questions:
    • Are there programs you would like to learn more about?
    • Were there programs identified that are totally new to you?

APPLICATION       (10 minutes)
Ask members and faculty to find someone they do not know well, and sit with them to learn more about what they do and who they work with.
Did anyone learn something interesting about a faculty member or another advisory leader that will be helpful to you?
Are there other people here you want to exchange ideas and information with further?

McCurley, Steve, and R. Lynch. 1996. Volunteer management:mobilizing all the resources in the community. Heritage Arts Publishing, Downers Grove, IL. pp.92-93.