Southern Region Program & Staff Development
Conference Call
November 16, 2004

AL: Grace Kirkland and Rebecca Dollman
AR: Joe Waldrum
FL: Howard Ladewig, Nick Place, Cheri Brodeur, Mark Kistler, and Bryan Terry
GA: Greg Price
KY: Roger Rennekamp
LA: Debra Davis (Chair)
MS: Michael Newman, Susan Seal (Secretary), Julie Sexton and Ronnie White
NC: Thelma Feaster
SC: Della Baker
TX: Scott Cummings (Vice-Chair)
VA: Cathy Sutphin Call to Order
Debra Davis called the meeting to order. State introductions were made. The following modifications to the minutes from the August meeting were recommended:

CECP Review Process -- Cathy Sutphin

Draft white paper regarding performance indicators -- Roger Rennekamp

Proposal for bi-annual meeting -- Scott Cummings for Robert Richard

CECP Modules

Map/EXCELL Conference -- Roger Rennekamp for Richard Rohs

SEAL Curriculum -- Scott Cummings for Chris Boleman

SR Curriculum Development and Survey -- Ronnie White

August Meeting -- Della Baker

Leadership Development Program

Issues Identified in Middle Managers Joint Session

PLC Quarterly Meeting

Suggestions on Advisory Council Structure

Next Meetings