Southern Region Program & Staff Development
February 5, 2004
February 5, 2004

Members Present:

Della Baker
Chris Boleman
Mary Ellen Blackburn
Cheri Brodeur
Ron Brown
Susanna Coppernoll
Scott Cummings
Debra Davis
Thelma Feaster
Judy Groff
Lanny Hass
Earl Johnson
Richard Lyles
Joyce Martin
Michael Newman
Mitch Owen
Bonnie Parson
Allisen Penn
Greg Price
Richard Rohs
Susan Seal
Julie Sexton
Bonnie Teeter
Joe Waldrum
Ronnie White
Bill Woodrum

Mitch Owen call the meeting to order. Introductions were made by each state. Modifications and/or additions were asked for regarding the agenda.

Discussion Items

Extension History CECP Module - Julie Sexton, Michael Newman
Julie and Michael reported on the work of the Extension History work group. This was to be the initial model for the CECP system since so much previous work had been done in the area. Delays have occurred in the launching of the system due to some conflicts with the timeline navigation system. This was the way the user was to navigate through the system. They are now using a historical time block. Little of the previous work has actually carried over. The team will be working with the new flow of information with the design team and hopes to have the product up soon.

Writing Impact Statements CECP module - Della Baker
Three outlines have been completed for the writing impacts module. Each of these outlines represents a certain aspect of writing impact statements. Work on the module is continuing. It is hoped to have something to share by the August meeting.

Presentation Skills CECP module - Allisen Penn, Rich Poling
The initial module is up and about 80% functional. The team is now in the refinement stage. The group is planning to reconvene in March for the final touches.

Group Facilitation Skills CECP module - Debra Davis, Mitch Owen
The Group Facilitation Group has had to regroup. They have added 2 new members, one from the CD group and one from the middle managers. Work on the module has been divided up into sections and is progressing. It is hoped to have a completed module by the August meeting.

SEAL conference - Ronnie White, Judy Groff
The SEAL conference was well received with 10 states represented and 50 total participants. Overall, the evaluation results from the conference look good. The conference team and participants heard from the states during the conference. Training on volunteerism and advisory leadership is in progress at the state level. Most of this is focused on faculty. Some states have used modules for the various trainings. Work towards a 3rd SEAL conference is underway. The leadership team includes: Chris Boleman (TX), Ralph Prince (KY), and Judy Groff (FL). In addition, they want to expand the planning committee to include 1 person from every state. The leadership team wants input from the PLC on the 2005 conference and the modules. The modules could be face-to-face or online. It was asked if a CD could be made available to those states not attending. This should not be a problem. The materials to date will soon be up on the SRDC website. You can e-mail Judy if you need a copy now.

Regional MAP program - Richard Rohs
Richard reported on the MAP training. Trainings have picked up with one conducted in Alabama last fall. A regional MAP workshop is planned for Lexington in late March. Materials are on the SRDC website. There is room for 50 people in this workshop. Twenty have signed up to date. South Carolina and Virginia may be sending middle managers to the session. Any questions, please call Richard.

PSD resources Web site - Mitch Owen
Mitch has been working on a central resource library for PSD resources. This site is open to all southern region states. It would be a central link for PSD resources and the sharing of materials. Currently, some SEAL materials and other modules (ethics, leadership) are already up on the site. Mitch wants each state to review this prior to Biloxi. The SRDC has links to many states and departments with these types of resources including the site maintained by Kentucky. We may need to have a way to consolidate all of this. Joe said we need push ahead. Mitch will contact Bonnie to move forward.

Distance meeting on federal planning and reporting - Michael Newman
Michael discussed the current information on the new federal planning and reporting guidelines. They are out and states are currently responding. All materials are on the CSREES website. In summary, the feds want to extend the current POW for 2 more years. There are currently no new guidelines for the next 5 years. A new POW would be submitted in 2006.

Future face-to-face PSD conference Scott Cummings
A brief report was presented. Possibly look to have this conference in 2005. Possibilities include a stand alone event or in conjunction with the 2005 SEAL event.

Summer Meeting - Update on Plans, Development of Agenda Ideas - Ronnie White and Mitch Owen
Ronnie reported on the initial plans for the summer meeting in Biloxi. Currently, there are 17 hours of committee time planned in the agenda. One general session will be held on Monday morning. The PLC will meet on Sunday and an orientation will also be held on Sunday for new members. Ronnie assured the group that social activities will happen. A golf outing is also being planned. Mitch discussed what we wanted to get out of the meeting and what would make it a success. Several suggestions were made including discussing:

  1. Online training software Sharing state information earlier
  2. PD training for ourselves

Requests for agenda items should be e-mailed to Mitch.

Leadership Development for Southern Region - Mitch Owen
Allisen suggested that there may be a push to merge all leadership development programs in the region. This topic needs to be discussed at the Biloxi meeting. This topic is on the table but no action has been taken. Joe suggested that this may be the way to promote leadership with all the budget cuts.

Update of Mailing List and PLC Web Site List
All states need to update the PLC mailing list on the SRDC website. Send a note to Joe to add, modify, or delete someone.