Southern Region Program & Staff Development
Conference Call
December 12, 2006

Mary Ellen Blackburn called the meeting to order and welcomed the group.

Update on CECP Modules History of Extension (Randol Waters) (Module has been submitted for Peer Review) Writing Impacts (Mike Lambur) Ready to finalize - suggested doing evaluation of all modules Mike - must give up responsibility of completing the writing impacts module Mike - evaluation/research leader - has left extension position. Nancy Franz - will work on the P&SD Committee. Good luck Mike in your new position. Mary Ellen asked if anyone is interested in working on this module - (pending) Facilitation (Debra Davis) Vast majority of content completed, will clean up grammer. Assessment area needs additional work, "Test of Knowledge". She asked if anyone has good assessment tools? Julie will email. First of February will have ready to do peer review. Good progress. Presentation Skills (Allisen Penn) Frustrated with process but now feels better about it. Almost completely finished - will finish in Web Management system, difficult to use CECP system. Hesitant to invest more time on module at this time. Further discussion of CECP and extension. Web Instructional Design (Julie Sexton) She has not made progress this year on the module, but will work on this after the steering committee meets on 12-13-06. To be implemented in eXtension system.

CECP Evaluation Mike Lambur will continue to work on this committee.

eXtension Collaboration Area - Scott Cummings Collaboration, main page, latest page (SRSPD) Trying to develop and move this area - spot available for future - must have account with eXtension. Direct link will be sent to everyone.

Training Resource List

Mary Ellen will talk with Scott about working on this item. Good things to share and post. Send to Scott any ideas that you want to share. Debra Davis - asked how is this different from what Roger in Kentucky had posted? Before each person could not post items. Do we need to transfer or re-post items from Kentucky? John, Scott, Mary Ellen will work on this and follow up.

SEAL/PSD Conference Update Will convene committee in January for preparation planning for 2 nd or3 rd week in October, SEAL/PSD conference meeting. Tentative looking at Atlanta airport area. Work planning committee for SEAL/PSD conference includes Chris and Scott. Discussion of location for conference - list of 4-5 potential locations. They will compare costs and make a recommendation to PSD committee. Scott will forward. Last year there were 75-100 SEAL participants. Send suggestions for location to Scott.

SR Indicators Group White paper on common indicators - Roger Rennekamp Paul Warner - provided update on National effort - will report back. No reason to rush into this topic. Paul will share draft. Direction not changed - expand data base to include all states. Southern region has active role to play. Scott - good process but many differences between states. Mike unable to continue to chair.. Recommend to take item off agenda and say this item has been completed by our committee because of white paper finished by our committee and watch contribution at the national level.

Federal POW Update Multi-state - POW - still waiting April - Seattle CSREES - several will attend this meeting Business officers meeting starts on Monday.

PLN Update / 2007 Conference Be sure to put the date of Aug. 27-31, 2007 in Louisville, KY on your calendar.

New Business Della asked about Education Advocacy modules Advocacy module shared at SEAL Conference is now available - on CECP Julie indicated it has a fun activity, Hang Man included Many states will be losing folks from the middle management group in the next several years and need a format on developing, recruiting, and training leaders for this group. The following ideas were shared on developing potential leaders for extension. Mary Ellen shared about Extension Leadership Academy for Georgia Allison shared information about the Faculty Leadership Program in Arkansas Florida has a 2 year program called LEAD- Leadership Development March meeting date - Mary Ellen will identify date and notify all committee members

State Reports
Alabama - middle management- Currently they have 3 District Directors, who oversee 67 county coordinators. Regional agents are supervised by the Assistant directors and their Program Priority Team Leaders (who are specialists).
Arkansas - Joe Waldrum now working in a different unit, Mike French, interim, will provide week long training on educational process skills
Florida - working on goal area and focus teams and cleaning up the reporting system. Also, they have develop certified extension agent modules (develop certification & award). Interviewing for 6 faculty positions
Georgia - position open for Assoc. Dean of Extension & Assoc. Dean of Research
Kentucky - new director of extension, committee is working on gap in extension leadership in the future, 90% of leadership will be leaving in 3 years
Louisiana - Advisory committee and program reviews - May 07 all 64 counties
Mississippi - still on map (currently no DD in 18 mo), lots of change
North Carolina - change management & marketing, evaluation & accountability - Mitch promoted.
Oklahoma - working on staff development and career ladder
Puerto Rico - no report
South Carolina - seven new state program teams, bi-annual conference just completed, professional development & in-service training
Tennessee - developed 6 modules for state reporting system, 4 more modules on drawing board
Texas - Program Excellence, early tenure agents, 6 hours graduate study (in depth training)
Virginia - several positions open after the first of year
West Virginia - no report
National Advisory - Paul - major effort in measuring success in extension

Announcements Mary Ellen asks everyone to review minutes and return comments to Herb from Puerto Rico meeting Joyce will send minutes from this meeting via List Serv and post on Web site. Meeting Adjourned Respectfully submitted by Joyce Martin Southern Region Program & Staff Development Secretary