Southern Region Program & Staff Development
August 28-30, 2007 - Louisville, Kentucky
August 28, 2006

Members in attendance:
Clyde Chesney
Della Baker
Mary Ellen Blackburn, Chair
Heather Boyd
Cheri Brodeur
Herb Byrd, Vice-chair
Scott Cummings
Debra Davis
Nancy Franz
Grace Kirkman
Michael Lambur
Irene Lee
Joyce Martin, Secretary
Virginia Morgan
John Mowbray
Martha Nall
Mitch Owen
Richard Polling
Robert Richard
Marcie Simpson
Paul Warner
Jacquelyn Wright
Martha Thompson
Shirley Pope

Mary Ellen Blackburn called the meeting to order and welcomed the group. She then identified the 16 participants planning to go on the UPS tour. Committee members then introduced themselves. A check on those planning to attend the dinner Wednesday night was then made. Changes on the agenda were announced. Mary Ellen then reported that action items and POW items must be submitted by 3 pm Wednesday.

Scott Cummings, nominating committee chair introduced the other nominating committee members including Debra Davis and Mitch Owen. The committee nominated Della Baker, South Carolina as secretary. Michael Lambur moved to accept the nominating committee's recommendation and Rich Poling moved that Della be accepted by acclamation. The motion was seconded and the motion passed. New officers will be Herb Byrd- chair, Joyce Martin- vice- chair and Della Baker-secretary.

John Mowbray provided background information regarding the UPS tour. He stated that in the selection for the tour, Kentucky committee members wanted to share something unique to Kentucky and a company that supports employee training. The Louisville , Kentucky UPS facility is the world's largest facility of its type.


August 29, 2006

Members in attendance:

Della Baker
Mary Ellen Blackburn
Heather Boyd
Cheri Brodeur
Herb Byrd
Scott Cummings
Debra Davis
Nancy Franz
Grace Kirkman
Michael Lambur
Joyce Martin
John Mowbray
Mitch Owen
Rich Poling
Marcie Simpson
Jacquelyn Wright
Martha Thompson
Virginia Morgan

Mary Ellen called the meeting to order and thanked John and Paul for arranging the UPS tour. She then thanked Martha for making dinner arrangements at Lynn 's Paradise Café and announced that we are to meet in the lobby at 6 pm. for the trip to the café.

Mary Ellen reported that new items for the information and action items must be turned in by 3 pm today. She then thanked Kentucky for providing computer equipment for our committee meeting.

Debra Davis gave an eXtension update. She reported about the recent Moodle training and that a Professional Development Community will be formed. Committee members discussed that a session at the PSD meeting in Atlanta could be held to discuss the Professional Development Community. Debra volunteered to head the committee and others volunteered to help including Heather Boyd, Cheri Brodeur, and Rich Poling. They will help identify folks in other regions working in staff development, new employee orientation, and other training areas. After identification they will be invited to participate in the PSD conference and/or a conference call to talk about competencies and how to proceed. More Moodle training will be available in 2008. The committee discussed eXtension at length.

Debra reported that the transition from CECP to Moodle would not be a seamless transition. Lisa Ferris will move the History and Presentation modules to moodle, Nancy Franz will move the Writing Impacts module, and Debra is working on the transition of the Facilitation module.

Scott Cummings led the discussion on the PSD Conference in Atlanta on October 23-25, the purpose of this conference will be to gather folks that work in PSD to share and communicate. This will be a staff/professional oriented conference not volunteer orientated conference. Scott asked for keynote speaker ideas to challenge the group on such topics as working with the New Generation or other topics. We still need more proposals submitted. Rich Poling has suggested a mini expo for technology tools as a 2-hour session with hands on demonstrations, then have a one-hour group session wrap up. Several states indicated that they would be willing to provide information for this type of session.

The 2 nd day will be tracks/concurrent sessions to include program development, staff development, and advisory leadership. Scott indicated that this is not a poster/study report session but a "how we do things" session. The 3rd day will finish with track/ concurrent sessions and then dismiss at noon. Scott asked that we develop a draft agenda and identify possible keynote speakers. Mary Ellen volunteered to offer speaker ideas.

A sub-committee volunteered including Scott, Mitch, Cheri, Debra, Grace and Rich to identify round table discussions topics and review topics for the tracks.

CECP Modules Updates

Facilitation- Debra Davis presented the transitioned version using Moodle for the Facilitation and Group Process Skills module. She shared the welcome section and gave a brief overview of the module, including information about using Moodle.

The PSD committee joined the Middle Managers Committee for a discussion on Succession Planning/Retention for leadership positions. Mary Ellen introduced our group to the middle managers. Claude Bess then shared the difficulty that many states have in identifying potential barriers for leadership positions in Extension. The middle mangers have identified barriers including salary differential not enough, fear of making unpopular decisions, travel/time commitment, too many responsibilities, lack of mobility/relocation, lack of understanding about job, resistant to give up program area success, fear of personnel issues, loss of personal time management, family issues/support, limited pool of candidates, change in peer group/relations, academic requirements, fear of "college related issues." Both committees agreed that Leadership Development classes are available but we need another step or phase, beyond leadership training. The middle managers also identified characteristics of potential middle managers including strong work ethics, good communication skills, patience, critical listening skills, experience in county programs, organized, people skills, decision maker, broad knowledge of all areas, committed to diversity, leadership/management skills, vision for the big picture, flexibility, accept/understand change, loyalty to organization, optimistic outlook, tough hide, professional role model, willing to learn new skills, able to motivate/facilitate, understand group dynamics, team player, facilitation skills, coaching skills, political savvy, graciousness, ability to handle stress, volunteer management skills, ability to operate independently, self starter, honesty/integrity/trustworthy and empower others to accept responsibility.

The group then discussed ideas that might work for identifying and training or leadership positions including what states throughout the nation are doing in this area.

The PSD committee will develop a list of what states are currently doing in leadership development and then compare the characteristics identified by middle mangers to see what the gaps are and identify what needs to done. The middle mangers will help with course development and content for future training sessions and continue to provide role modeling to potential leadership.

The PSD committee will compile a list of what is available for leadership training and what other opportunities might be applicable; including CED training topics. Mary Ellen suggested that a template be developed to input this information. Mary Ellen will visit with Claude regarding additional information that the middle managers will discuss. Cheri and Virginia volunteered to pull the list together. This topic will be included as an information item. Mary Ellen asked each member to update the e-mail list for the list serve and check on the membership for each state.

Status of update on modules
History- Herb Byrd (for Randol Waters) reported that comments and suggestions for improvement that had been provided by the review team will be worked on and then the module can be completed by the end of September.

Writing Impacts- Nancy Franz reported that the next step was to complete an assessment and asked for further explanation regarding this issue. The next step will be to develop the module using Moodle. Additional work will begin in the near future.

Presentation Skills- Rich Poling (for Allisen Penn) reported that Lisa Ferris is moving this module to Moodle and then it will be ready for review.

Training Resource List- Scott Cummings reported that everyone needs to look at the eXtension site. Go to and then get an ID. Anyone can add information/modify and edit with an ID. It is the responsibility of all committee members to update this list frequently. Scott will send a message to all committee members when the list is posted.

Mitch offered to share a CD of CED training curriculum.

Information items that will be submitted include:
Succession Planning-Inventory of Leadership/ Management
Resources for Middle Management
National Program and Staff Development Directory
National Extension Program Development Community
Southern Region PSD conference
Program and Staff Development Modules Status

The afternoon committee meeting was reconvened by Mary Ellen. Scott Cummings shared the tentative agenda for the PSD conference and explained further details about the possible agenda.

Day 1
1-1:30 pm- Introductions
1:30- 2:30 pm -Keynote speaker
2:45-5:30 pm-Technology Learning Expo- New Methods

Day 2
8-9:30 am- Personal Accountability- Debra Davis
9:30- 9:45 am- Break
9:45- 10:45 am-Concurrent Session 1
11:00-12:00pm-Concurrent Session 2
12- 1 pm-Lunch
1-2:30 pm-Personal Leadership- Social Networking- Mitch Owen
2:45-3:45 pm-Concurrent Session 3
4-5:30 pm- Group Discussion

Day 3
8:30-9:30 am- Concurrent Session 4
9:45 -10:45 am- National PD Community- Debra Davis and others
11-12:00 pm - Facilitated Discussions
Lunch- Closing Message
1-2 pm- Action Teams

Facilitated Discussion Topics

1. Succession Planning- Leadership Development- Cheri Brodeur
2. Evaluation Accountability Best Practices- Herb Byrd
3. Best Practices in ALS- Joy Staton
4. Best Practices in Program Development-John Mowbray

Concurrent Session topics

1. Teaching Leadership Advisory Boards- Chris Bolman
2. Evaluation of Web Based Information and Educational Applications Using Web Analytics - Michael Lambur
3. Integrated Programming- Lisa Guion
4. Seven Not So Hidden Reasons Employees Leave- Dale Safrit
5. Panel discussion- Program Development Institutions- Scott Cummings
6. Getting to Maybe-Robert Richard
7. Extension Volunteers as Program Evaluators- Nancy Franz
8. Developing Extensions Future- Mary Ellen Blackburn

Paul Warner presented a PowerPoint presentation about Extension Excellence and distributed a handout on Measuring Excellence in Cooperative Extension. This was developed by the Excellence in Extension Task Force, a Work Group of the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) in collaboration with Cooperative Extension Directors and Administrators Nationwide (November 2006).

The criteria for Excellence in Cooperative Extension are listed below:

-Cooperative Extension is a major component of Land-Grant university outreach/engagement
-Diverse stakeholder input is used to shape programs.
-Clients are satisfied with Cooperative Extension and its programs.
-Quality Extension programs are identified and valued.
-Extension programs result in changes in individuals, families, and communities
-Economic impact is derived from Cooperative Extension programs.
-Funding is supplied for Cooperative Extension.

Scott shared information about the National Extension Metrics Database. He indicated that Pilot states are Louisiana , Florida and Puerto Rico . The timeline is September- October 2007 to make changes and roll out to Directors and then enter data February-May 2008. Summer months will allow time to make adjustments and changes.

Sub-committees will discuss issues that need to be included in the Annual Work Plan.

The committee then discussed survey information to be gathered regarding technology---name of tool, type of tool, description, how used, pros and cons, limitations, cost, examples of use, ease of use, how many people it is appropriate for, compatibility and features. We then need to be knowledgeable about how to apply these applications with adult educational principles in mind.

Sub-committees reconvened as total group with discussions including Annual Work Plan

Staff Development reported:

-Exploring possibilities of new modules for New Educator Orientation. What parts are applicable for online training? - Grace Kirkland
-Survey of technology information-Herb Byrd

Program Evaluation (name change) change to Program Development and Evaluation
for Work Plan

-Finish impact reporting module by next year- Nancy and others
-Feasibility study of program evaluation module- Heather and others
-Federal planning and reporting round table discussion of best practices at 2008 PLN meeting-Marcie

We plan to complete all modules by 2008. Work plan will be further developed and presented tomorrow.


August 30, 2006

Mary Ellen thanked Martha and others for arranging dinner and asked for any other announcements. It was announced that Federal Reports will be due again this year. Mary Ellen has emailed the state reports to everyone and she announced the committee Plan of Work has been submitted.

State Reports:

Tennessee- Herb Byrd reported that a half million dollars has been spent on the new report and management system (SUPER), a report for planning evaluation and reporting. They have completed training for submitting in-service training and are currently developing a civil rights reporting system. Folks have seen benefits to the new system. Joseph Donaldson has coordinated the SUPER system project. Good news, no constructive criticism was received on the state Federal Plan of work.

Kentucky- John Mowbary reported that special appropriations were made available for Career Ladder Salary increases as recognition for accomplishments. Educators must now complete core training and initiative training. Their reporting system has 14 feature programs to assess and report in the system. Martha Thompson shared her newest curriculum "Are You Smarter than the Teacher?" This is a "fun while you learn" project she developed. The new Associate Director is asking lots of questions in an effort to make positive changes in the state.

Texas- Scott Cummings reported they launched a new reporting system two years ago and then did a revamp which makes it much better. Many lessons were learned. Accountability and management have two new staff tenure track positions open. They are also working on Advisory Leadership Boards in all counties across the state and are on-boarding new faculty members and graduate assistants.

Florida -Cheri Brodeur reported that an external review was concluded to identify critical needs and establish goals. Focus teams have been empowered and are used to make decisions. They are adjusting their strategic plans and trying to make it a more seamless process by addressing critical needs for the next year.

Alabama- Grace Kirkman reported they have developed an on-line new employee orientation program with 12 major topical areas. Face-to-face training will be translated to an on-line environment and they plan to develop content for all 12 major areas. Impact analysis will require 18-24 months to complete.

Arkansas- Rich Polling reported that Lisa Ferris has been on board one year and is a great asset to help the department. The department has been reorganized by merging with the Agricultural Education department on campus. Mike French is serving as interim head while a search for a new department head is conducted. A new program "Filling your Extension Tool Box" is a one week training for newer agents which include more emphasis on educational activities. Allison Penn will be revamping the new educator orientation next year. The reporting system is now on-line for professional development and the reporting system ties to in-service training and professional development activities. She is also teaching extension education classes. In addition they are working on trying to increase external funding.

Louisiana- Debra Davis reported that the planning and reporting system is linked to the POW and performance appraisal evaluation. FCS program is tracking clients for long range evaluation. They will profile FCS clients and categorize by program and do follow up impact studies. They will do short term impact evaluations this year and long term impact on down the road. She reported that Louisiana has 40 new field faculty and many received large raises this year. Every employee has to take personal responsibility to work toward Partners in Leadership. A new evaluation position is being advertised.

North Carolina- Mitch Owen announced they will have several retirements. Mitch has a new position POD. They have several new folks and all are learning. The marketing director is driving program development. Vincent Corello was a great speaker at their extension conference on "How to Communicate When There is Stress, Not Just Risk Communications." New initiative what specialists need to develop. Need specialist orientation. Ag Leadership funding got talked about in the state legislation but did not get funded. The Dean pays for the 3 day Orientation program. Best training this year was crucial conversations for county directors. New and aspiring directors shared content on CD.

South Carolina- Della Baker reported their administrative structure is very different this year. They conducted a lead agent survey to see if the model works. They have hired 30 new agents in last few years and a mentoring program is in place. County funding is more centralized on campus. Using technology to give updates Evaluation zoomerang. Random samples to get participants input. In-service coordinator just resigned so Della is working on all areas

Virgina- The new focus is on impact reporting, and they have conducted 26 workshops. The next step will be "how to do evaluations." They are training volunteers to be evaluators. New agent professional development covers all competencies. District program leaders are helping to do an online portfolio for faculty. They are interested in evaluation for grants.

Oklahoma- Joyce Martin reported on the second year of the career ladder program. The mentoring program continues to be successful and revisions have been implemented for the in-service training process. A division wide conference will be held for the first in 2008.

Georgia- Mary Ellen reported that Marcie has joined extension training. Jeff Christy works with the Extension leadership system Ne. No accountability for advisory system extension leadership system has training in state. Biggest initiative on development of extension training is proposed and selected training. "Georgia Counts" is getting prepared for program planning. Extension Academy is looking at how to develop an advanced program with an international program with more formalized training for state specialists, and an orientation for visiting county programs.

Mitch- asked if any states have Extension Foundation accounts for Professional Development. Mary Ellen thanked everyone for great reports. She announced that this concluded the business meeting and passed the presidency on to Herb Byrd.

Herb Byrd, University of Tennessee , began by thanking Mary Ellen Blackburn, outgoing chair, for doing a wonderful job as chair. Then, he thanked the staff from Kentucky for hosting the meeting. Herb addressed two items of business. First, add discussion of a new name of the National Professional Development Community that is being proposed by Larry Lippke-CECP Steering Committee Chair, as an agenda item for the October meeting. Secondly, he asked that everyone complete their evaluations and turn them into Della Baker

Future discussion was held reporting when the next meeting will be. A conference call prior to the PSD meeting in Atlanta over dates suggested was October 11, 12, 15 or 16. October 15 10a.m. Eastern 9a.m. Central was selected as the next meeting date. Will post survey updates

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Martin, secretary.