Southern Region Program & Staff Development
Conference Call
April 21, 2008


Alabama- Anne Adrian
Arkansas - Karen Ballard, Rich Poling, Allisen Penn, Lisa Farris
 Florida-Cheri Brodeur,  Diane Craig, Sebastian Galindo, Dianne Craig, Robert Strong
Georgia- Mary Ellen Blackburn, Margie Simpson
Kentucky - John Mowbray, Paul Warner
Louisiana - Debra Davis
North Carolina - Mitch Owen
Oklahoma - Joyce Martin, Vice Chair
South Carolina- Della A. Baker, Secretary
Tennessee  - William Herbert Byrd, Chair, Joseph L. Donaldson; Richard Karel
Virginia - Nancy Franz
West Virginia- Karen Thomas

  Advisor - Paul D. Warner. 

Herb Byrd called the meeting to order and welcomed the group.

After the roll call, Herb Byrd began the telephone conference meeting with a discussion of progress on the Plan of Work.

Plan of Work
Technology Use in Instruction Survey (Byrd, Owen)-The goal is to share ideas about how we are using technology in instruction. An e-mail attachment was distributed to everyone earlier of possible items to include.  Suggestions were made to add “Type of Tool,” and to visit “” and click “instructional design and development” for additional information on various learning systems that people are using.  Anne Adrian will send the relevant information to the listserv.  If anyone has any information to share that would be appropriate to Program and Staff Development, they should send it to Herb Byrd.

                New Agent Orientation Web-based modules (Kirkham)- Herb received an e-mail from Grace.  She would not be able to call in. We will include this in the agenda for the next call.
Writing Impacts Module (Franz) – Franz has a graduate student who will work to add some quizzes and more resources and web links.  A JOE article will be referenced.  She plans to migrate the module to MOODLE.  The contact person for MOODLE is Debra Davis. It was suggested that modules not be built into CECP first and later migrate to MOODLE.  Persons creating modules should start fresh in MOODLE. Go to for help with designing for MOODLE.

  Program Evaluation Module Feasibility (Boyd) Heather is traveling.  An educational
module on program evaluation used by Wisconsin Extension and that is being shared by Virginia Cooperative Extension was sent by Heather as an attachment to an earlier e-mail to the listserv. Herb will ask Heather to move it to the MOODLE site or to find partners that can help her develop this as a team project.

Davis noted that she is a part of the NEPD Steering Committee and is aware of some talk about developing a community of practice for Evaluation and Accountability. It was suggested that Boyd contact Mike Lambur and get involved in that effort.  John Mowbry mentioned that there is still current information about evaluation on the Kentucky site.  Some will be moved to MOODLE.

 Federal Planning & Reporting Roundtable (Simpson)- no report
Succession Planning Inventory of Resources (Brodeur, Morgan)-The inventory will be sent to the Program and Staff Development contacts in each state. Debra Davis is working on compiling the directory (see agenda item below). A request has been made for states to respond as to whether they have someone in Program and Staff Development. Contacts are missing for the Northeast Region and the territories.  Joe Donaldson suggested that Extension Evaluation Association group be contacted because some of these people serve as the PSD contact person for their states.  Debra, Nancy, and Sherry will work together to complete the directory and to send the inventory out for completion.


            Facilitation Module (Davis)- not finished.  The MOODLE Committee will get together to identify roles.  There is no funding for the committee.

            Presentation Skills Module (Penn) – Alison Penn thanked Lisa Ferris for completing the module. She has migrated it to MOODLE.  The module was renamed, “Presentation Skills For Extension Educators.” The modules can be found at  It has not gone through the CECP review process. No stamp of approval can be placed on it yet from MOODLE. 

Debra was asked to take a request that any course that was approved through the CECP process could be accepted for eXtension module posting. Herb will ask three people to review the module.

                Extension History Module (Ferris, Waters)- This module has gone through the CECP review process.  It is available under the Organizational Knowledge category.  A course exam and other  information were added.

            PSD Professional Development Conference (Cummings) – not present.  Conference was held last Fall.  Plans are to do this every other year.

            National Program & Staff Development Directory (Davis)- A request has been made for states to respond as to whether they have someone in Program and Staff Development. Contacts are missing for the Northeast Region and the territories.  Joe Donaldson suggested that Extension Evaluation Association group be contacted because some of these people serve as the PSD contact person for their states.  Debra will try to get the list of contacts finalized so that Cheri can use it to issue her survey for succession planning.


Review of October Staff Dev Meeting / Interest group (Cummings et al.) In general, the group reported positive feedback regarding the meeting. Arkansas was especially commended for putting together the technology resources share fair. Several comments were made as to the value of the workshops and quality of presenters/presentations. Committee members support the continuation of this conference every other year.

Excellence in Extension Database (Cummings)- not present.  Paul  Warner gave an update.  There are 39 measures in the database. With a password you can view all information in the database. Paul asked if anyone is interested, they should visit: < >. The official roll out was at the National Extension Directors Meeting. 

ECOP Leadership Advisory Council meeting (Davis, Warner) Paul Coreil has asked Debra to design and facilitate the meeting on Accountability in Extension.  The group will discuss personal accountability, creating a culture of accountability in the system, and the tools that we have used to show accountability.  The Council is composed of persons representing all major Extension program areas, CSREES, eXtension, and Extension Professional Associations.

PSD Committee Role in National eXtension  - Byrd reported that Allen Barfield said that at the August meeting we need time to discuss what our role should be with the national eXtension project.  This will be a topic for the August PSD Meeting. 

eXtension project – A meeting will be held June 24-27 in Louisville in June. Several PSD Committee members are involved in eXtension Communities of Practice.  There was some concern expressed about whether CECP module development groups will be called a Community of practice.

Middle Manager's Conference Planning (Byrd, Blackburn)- Byrd reported that Tony Roberts has asked that we offer suggestions for topics for the training that is scheduled for April 6-9.  Mary Ellen shared a list of topics. Committee members are asked to send suggestions to Mary Ellen and copy to Herb.  Mary Ellen will forward to Tony.  Mitch reported on a retention study that is being developed.  If people are interested in participating they should send Mitch an e-mail. He will be examining what cause people  to think about leaving the system.

SEAL Conference Proposal- The proposal has gone forward and it has been approved.  There was some concern about who should attend and travel costs to involve volunteers.  PSD needs to identify the target audience. Attendance will  hopefully grow beyond a four state involvement - TX, NC, VA, KY . There was some question as to whether the entire conference or a part of the conference could  be delivered using electronic technology?  It was noted that a key factor, the networking, might be missed.
Herb suggested that we need to include this topic on the next meeting to get the planning committee’s input.

Value of PLN Research Project (Franz / Owen)- The proposal was accepted at their last meeting.  Dr. Celbia Stovall, NC A&T, will also be involved.  A focus group protocol is being developed. Plans are to conduct several focus groups during PLN.

Wiki / Website – will be added to the next conference agenda.

Representative for Urban Extension group (Byrd)- At the Fall meeting a representative will need to be selected to serve on this group.
The  Annual Meeting will be held August 25-29th in Greensboro, NC, with the theme: "America's Health Crisis: The Land-Grant's Role." Dr. Donald Weaver will be the guest presenter.  Each program committee will have a representative to respond to the information that Dr. Weaver will present. Committee members were asked to send ideas to Mitch about what you would like to do during the conference.  Mitch was asked to visit with his staff and offer recommendations. This topic will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. 

ListServe -The new ListServe manager is Rachel Welborn (  Joyce will update the list as needed.  The following changes will need to be made to the ListServe:

Mary Ellen Blackburn is identified as the chair and the new chair is Herb Byrd.
Puerto Rico members are not listed under a state/territory category, they are listed under Oklahoma.
To be added:  Mike French – Arkansas; Florida – Sabastian Galindo, Diane Craig, Robert Strong, and  Louisansa-Melissa Cater, Tennessee - Richard Karel has been added to the member list and listserve.

To be removed:  Heather Underwood – Arkansas; Rebecca Dollman- Alabama (retired); Nick Place,  Bryan Terry - Florida; F. Richard Rohs- Georgia; Earl Johnson (retired) – Louisiana, -Florida
The date for next conference call next meeting will be June 16, 2 CT, 3 EDT.

Minutes submitted by:
Della A. Baker, Secretary