Southern Region Program & Staff Development
Savannah, GA
August 27-29, 2001


Michael Newman (MS), Chair
Roger Rennekamp (KY), Vice Chair
Michael Lambur (VA), Secretary
Jerry Whiteside (GA), 1862 PLC Representative
Leodrey Williams (LA), 1890 PLC Representative
Paul Warner (KY), Administrative Advisor


Joyce Martin (OK) Michael Newman (MS)
Joe Waldrum (AR) Ronnie White (MS)
Jerry Whiteside (GA) Howard Ladewig (FL)
Leodrey Williams (LA) Melvin Irizarry-Jusino (PR)
Paul Warner (KY) Earl Johnson (LA)
Roger Rennekamp (KY) Richard Rohs (GA)
LaVerne Blount (AL) Rich Poling (TN)
Barbara Stone (NC) Donnie King (SC)
Mitch Owen (NC) Jerry Gibson (VA)
Richard Liles (NC) Barbara Board (VA)
Dave Jenkins (NC) Michael Lambur (VA)

The meeting was called to order by Committee Chair, Michael Newman. The agenda was reviewed and attendees introduced themselves.

Minutes of the August 28-30 meeting in San Juan Puerto Rico were approved with no changes.

Jerry Whiteside, 1862 PLC Representative, presented his report.

Paul Warner, Administrative Advisor, presented his report.

Leodrey Williams, 1890 PLC Representative, presented his report.

Richard Liles reported on the Southeast Advisory Leadership Conference.

Richard Rohs presented the MAP/SELD subcommittee report.

The committee toured the Georgia Port Authority facilities and discussed training with Dr. Elizabeth Hoit-Thetford, Training Manager.

Elections were held with the following results:

Secretary - Rich Poling (TN)
1862 PLC Representative -Joe Waldrum (AR)
1890 PLC Representative -Carolyn Reedus (AL)

Richard Liles, Dave Jenkins, Mitch Owen, and Barbara Stone presented an update on North Carolina's Competency-Based Education and Learning Management System. Items presented included:

Joe Waldrum, new 1862 PLC Representative, presented his report on Wednesday morning's PLC meeting.

Michael Newman encouraged states to submit on-line orientation materials to him for posting on the web in the same manner as the evaluation materials posted by Roger Rennekamp last year.

The discussion on competency-based training continued.

Richard Liles will develop a proposal for motion "c" above to be presented to ASRED at their September meeting in Roanoke, VA. The proposal is to be circulated for review by the committee before the meeting.

Three subcommittees were formed to address development of multi state curriculum for core competencies.

Advisory Leadership Systems:
Barbara Board (VA)
Judy Groff (NC)

Martha Nall (KY)

County Directors:
Mitch Owen (NC)
Jerry Whiteside or designee (GA)
New Agents:
Jerry Gibson (VA)
Bernadette Watts (NC)
Julie Sexton (MS)
Michelle Martin (AR)
Mary Ellen Blackburn (GA)
Randol Waters (TN)

Michael Newman conducted a discussion of questions the PLC asked each committee to respond to concerning multi state efforts.

Michael Newman presented a report on the Extension Cares Initiative.

State reports.

The committee discussed and made several suggestions for increased communication in the future. These included conference calls, an email discussion list, a resource list of individual expertise in the region, and an additional face-to-face meeting during the year. Michael Newman agreed to develop a prototype for the resource list.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Lambur