Southern Region Program & Staff Development
San Juan, Puerto Rico
August 28-30, 2000


Ronnie White (MS), Chair
Michael Newman (MS), Vice Chair
Roger Rennekamp, (KY) Secretary
Jerry Whiteside (GA) 1862 Representative to PLC
Margaret Johnson (SC) 1890 Representative to PLC
Paul Warner (KY) Administrative Advisor


Ronnie White (MS) Mary Marshall (TX)
Michael Newman (MS) Roger Rennekamp (KY)
Jerry Whiteside (GA) Rosa Albino (PR)
Joe Waldrum (AR) Laverne Blount (AL)
Glenn Israel (FL) Henry Findlay (Tuskeegee)
Satish Verma (LA) Gaines Smith (AL)
Dennis Nielson (SC) Carolyn Reedus (AL)
Richard Liles (NC) Margaret Johnson (SC)
Judy Groff (NC) Leodrey Williams (LA)
Paul Warner (KY) Ulises Toledo (WV)
Roy Lessly (TN) Nick Jefferson (WV)
Mike Lambur (VA)  

Ronnie White (Chair) opened the meeting reviewed the agenda items.

Paul Warner (Administrative Advisor) reported on relevant items discussed at the Southern Region Directors meeting.

Judy Groff reported on the Strengthening Extension Advisory Leadership proposal.

Jerry Whiteside and Margaret Johnson presented the PLC Representative Report.

Michael Newman and Roger Rennekamp reported on the Southern Region Accountability Workshop held in Dallas, TX in April 2000.

Daney Jackson of The Ohio State University presented a program about a video-based training package they have developed for administrators supervising employees working in a county-based setting. The package addresses the lack of managerial and leadership skills of new county chairs. The package include a series of video vignettes, background information about the concepts introduced, and discussion guides.

Election of a 2000-2001 Secretary of the PSD committee. (Michael Newman will move up to Chair and Roger Rennekamp will move up to Vice-Chair at the conclusion of the meeting.)

Election of an 1890 Representative to PLC

Update on SELD/MAP

State Reports on Efforts to Assess Customer Satisfaction

Multi-State Programming Discussion

1% to 25%

Richard Liles and Judy Groff reported on North Carolina's Competency-Based Training and Development System

Discussion on Web-Based Training

State Sharing

Meeting Adjourned