Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
September 18, 2003

Paul Coreil, ASRED Representative, Louisiana State University
Charles Cox, Past Chair of PLC and Chair of PLN-EC, 4-H, Oklahoma State University
Thelma J. Feaster, PSD and Member of PLN-EC, North Carolina A&T State University
David Foster, ASRED Advisor to PLC and PLN-EC, Oklahoma State University
Ross Love, ANR, Oklahoma State University
Gloria Mosby, Chair of PLC and Member of PLN-EC, CIT, Prairie View A&M University
Louie Rivers, ANR, Kentucky State University
Kent Rorie, PSD, University of Arkansas
Charles Shepphard, CD, Alcorn State University
Joe Waldrum, PSD, University of Arkansas
Carolyn Nobles, Guest, Prarie View A & M University
Ron Brown, ASRED, Ex Officio
Bonnie Teater, SRDC, Ex Officio

Helen Brooks, MM, Alcorn State University
Thelma Hunter-Sanders, FCS and Member of PLN-EC, Tennessee State University (represented by Marjorie Welch)
Ed Jones, CD, North Carolina State University
Kathy Volanty, FCS, Texas A&M University
Linda Williams-Willis, AEA Advisor to PLC and PLN-EC, Prairie View A&M University
Noland Williams, AEA Representative to PLC and PLN-EC, Kentucky State University
Dorothy Wilson, 4-H & Youth Development, Langston University

Welcome and Introductions:
Gloria Mosby, Chair, welcomed the group. She announced the appointment of Linda Williams-Willis as the AEA Advisor to the PLC and the PLN-EC, and Noland Williams as AEA Representative to PLC and the PLN-EC.

Advisors' Updates:
David Foster reported that all Action Items submitted to AEA and ASRED were approved.

Committee Reports:
Mosby requested that each of the Program Committees report on strategies for implementation of the approved Action Items.

Agriculture and Natural Resources -- Ross Love and Louie Rivers
The Committee will now develop a strategy regarding national program leadership within the confines of ECOP and submit a plan with the intent of sending it forward through AEA and ASRED to ECOP. The ANR Committee should solicit participants from other program committees.

Communications and Information Technology -- Gloria Mosby
Separate Program Committees will be set up for Communications and Information Technology. Each of the PCs will now look at electing officers for their individual PC. Mosby reported that Robert Fehr is no longer the 1862 representative, and a replacement will have to be named. It is the desire of PLC to move this process promptly, and a letter from Chair Mosby should be sent to the group outlining the desire to move the process forward. It was also suggested that a letter be provided to the AEA and ASRED advisors requesting them to keep their respective group members up-to-date on the progress being made within the two committees. The IT Committee will be notified of the approval of the Action Item requesting the need to study the possible purchase of a collaboration tool for sharing information and applications. Mosby reported that the Committee has been looking at a tool called Centra Symposium that you can use at your desk for distance learning.

Community Development -- Charles Shepphard
With the approval of the concept to develop a proposal for community development educator certification, a sub-committee of CD will further study the possibility and provide a full proposal to AEA and ASRED by Spring, 2004. It was noted that there was general consensus by AEA and ASRED that there be a national organization providing certification.

Family and Consumer Sciences

4-H Youth Development -- Charles Cox
The 4-H Youth Development and FCS Program Committees will form an integrated task force to develop a position paper outlining strategies that will engage CES in a preventative posture regarding childhood obesity. Cox reported that they are seeking funding on moving this forward. The groups will also be looking for representatives from the other Program Committees to be involved in the Task Force. Cox also reported that 4-H did identify a need to work on a CECP module on risk management regarding camping programs, etc., and have identified about 5 folks outside the region that have an interest in this development. Paul Coreil reported that the Tri-State group (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas) is going to be funded for nutrition support on the three states.

Middle Management -- Kent Rorie
With the approval of an Urban Issues pre-conference prior to the August 2004 meeting, a committee will further outline the agenda for the meeting. It is anticipated that the pre-conference will be held on Sunday prior to the meeting and will involve two or three hours of meeting time.

Program and Staff Development -- Thelma Feaster/Joe Waldrum
Their action items from PSD have been placed on the agenda for the CECP Steering Committee. Those concerns were expressed by lots of the committees and will be addressed by the CECP Steering Committee. Representatives from PSD will take those action items to the Steering Committee.

CECP Steering Committee Update:
Ron Brown reported membership for the CECP Steering Committee as follows:

  ANR Joan Dusky, University of Florida
  Communications Ellen Ritter, TCE
  IT Larry Lippke, TCE
  CRD Alan Barefield, SRDC
  4-H Jeff Howard, Texas CES
  FCS Ellen Murphy, LSU
  MM Russell King, NCSU
  PSD Mitch Owen, NCSU
  At Large Representatives Frankie Gould, LSU
Don Hamilton, University of GA
Carolyn Nobles, Prairie View A & M
Fred Piazza, LSU
Susan Seal, MSU
Julie Sexton, MSU
  Staff Ron Brown, ASRED
Bonnie Teater, SRDC
Kathy Ibendahl, SRDC

The Committee had an opportunity to meet during the Little Rock meeting and have compiled a list of approximately 23 items needing attention by the Committee. He outlined those issues and indicated that the group will take that list and begin working on an Annual Work Plan. Brown also reported that the CECP Steering Committee would be meeting following the SR-PLC meeting in Biloxi. Some actions already in progress include the establishment of a listserv, a revised web site (Julie Sexton and Kathy Ibendahl), and development of a draft Charter (Don Hamilton, Frankie Gould and Ellen Ritter). Mosby suggested that all PLC members need to provide a brief overview of the CECP concept on their respective campuses.

Program Committees:
Each of the Program Committee Representatives were requested to be sure that if their PC had not already done so, they should submit the following information to Bonnie Teater as soon as possible: Annual Work Plan Program Committee Competencies Updated Listserve Minutes Updated Committee Membership roster and contact information

Minutes from Previous Meetings:
Mosby requested that if members of the PLC had corrections and/or additions to the Minutes from the August meetings, please get those to Bonnie.

Evaluation Review:
Mosby indicated that on her review of Conference Evaluations, the August 2003 format seemed to be a big hit among those attending this year. Participants did like the format and asked that it be continued. We will need to discuss in the December face-to-face meeting. Brown indicated that those Directors and Administrators that left on Thursday and Friday indicated that it was a long week. Therefore, he has been giving some thought to having ASRED start earlier in the week. He asked those present what it would do to their PC meetings if their administrative advisors were not in their meetings the entire time. He asked individuals to give some thought to that possibility and provide feedback to him no later than October 3.
Next Conference Call:
Thursday, November 20, at 9:00 a.m. Central / 10:00 a.m. Eastern
December 8 and 9, 2003 in Biloxi (1:00 p.m. until noon)

Next Meeting of the Executive Committee:
Face-to-Face Meeting, (2 hours) during the December 8 and 9 meeting