Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
September 12, 2002


Charles Cox, 4-H, Chair
Helen Brooks, MM
Bob Fehr, CIT
Ed Jones, CRD
Ross Love, ANR
Gloria Mosby, CIT
Kent Rorie, MM
Louie Rivers, ANR
Charles Sheppherd, CRD
Joe Waldrum, PSD
Kathy Volanty, FCS
David Foster, Advisor
Ron Brown, ex-officio
Bonnie Teater, ex-officio

Committee Reports:

Directors/Administrators: Committee members reviewed the draft September 2002 report to Southern Directors and Administrators. The draft report was prepared based on information provided by each of the Program Committees. The following items were moved from Action Items to Information Items based on consensus review of the Committee:

  • CECP ToolsetCooperative Extension Curriculum Project (CECP)Family and Consumer Sciences Report 4-H Youth Development Middle Management
  • Program and Staff Development

The following items were further discussed and remained in the Action Items submitted to Directors and Administrators:

Southern Region Program Leadership Network

This item will be presented to Southern Directors and Administrators for action. The proposed language will be strengthened with help from David Foster to provide additional information regarding the proposed date for the meeting during the last week of August (the week prior to Labor Day).

Communications and Information Technology

After much discussion and conversation, it was the consensus of the group that the recommendation from CIT regarding the separation of Communications and Information Technology into two committees be studied further. Advantages and disadvantages of the recommendation were discussed and it was determined that Charles would work with CIT representatives (Gloria Mosby and Bob Fehr) and others involved request a discussion paper be prepared for PLC to study. The issue will be mentioned at the Southern Directors and Administrators meeting, but no formal request for action will be submitted.

The PLC requested that the information item of the CIT Committee regarding should be moved to an action item on the report requesting Director and Administrator support.

The revised report as submitted to Southern Directors and Administrators can be found at the following website: