Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
September 14, 2001


Agriculture and Natural Resources

Ross Love
Louie Rivers

Communications and Information Technology

Gloria Mosby

Community Development

Rick Maurer

Family and Consumer Sciences

Sarah Anderson
Carolyn Nobles

4-H Youth Development

Charles Cox

Middle Management

Claude Bess
Helen Brooks

Program and Staff Development Advisors
David Foster
Bo Beaulieu
Ron Brown
Bonnie Teater

PLC Chair Carolyn Nobles welcomed all to the call and indicated that the basis of the conference call was to approve the PLC report that had been distributed and scheduled to be report during the upcoming Southern Extension Directors / Administrators meeting in Roanoke.

Each Committee Representative(s) reported on action and information items as outlined in the preliminary report to Southern Directors and Administrators.

Committee Reports

  • ANR--The proposed action (multi-program team to develop core competencies) was applauded by Ron Brown and others as a positive approach for possible comprehensive committee with representatives from many of the program committees.
  • CIT--It was noted that the 2nd Action Item (standard verbiage on all publications) would be shared as an information item and the actual verbiage would be shared with directors and administrators as an Appendix to the report. It was also noted that the information item on photo imaging was strictly coming from a technology perspective not programmatic.
  • Community Development--Charles Shepphard provided an overview of upcoming information items which included the creation of six modules around the issues of community development. The committee chair had been contacted to get a report to the PLC.
  • FCS--No written report had been received; therefore Carolyn Nobles and Sarah Anderson were going to be sure that one was received.
  • 4-H--It was noted that this used to be a triennial meeting; however, directors have suggested a bi-annual meeting which is being proposed for 2004 in New Orleans.
  • Middle Management--A proposal for the 2003 mid-managers conference has been received and will be included in the Action Item section of the report to directors and administrators.
  • Program and Staff Development--Joe Waldrum indicated that he would get an official report from the committee. He did mention that the committee was most supportive of the core curriculum training provided by Barbara Stone, Richard Liles and Mitch Owen in Savannah. The committee is ready to be supportive of future directions after these individuals make a report at the upcoming meeting of directors and administrators. He also mentioned that there may be an action item coming out of the committee regarding the program with scoring machinery that was housed at Texas A&M University. An offer from Georgia to take over that program was made.

Ron Brown indicated that he was pleased with these committee reports and hopes that common standards can be developed, perhaps from a program-wide committee, that will fit region-wide. It is hoped that these standards will not be restrictive, but will be looked upon as common standards.

It was noted that Rick Maurer was to prepare a draft letter on behalf of PLC for the upcoming October hearing in New Orleans. Also, Paul Coriel, Louisiana State University, is taking the lead in being assure that some individuals from Louisiana Extension are on the agenda for making a presentation at the hearing.

The PLC report is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26, during the upcoming meeting of Directors and Administrators. Carolyn Nobles is going to try to clear her calendar to attend; however, Ron Brown indicated that he would be glad to provide the update if she was unable to attend.

Most of the committees have provided their multi-state responses to the questions that were discussed during the Savannah meeting. All need to be submitted as soon as possible so that they can be used in discussion with directors and administrators.

The issue of Administrative Advisors was brought discussed with a hope that all committees would have active advisors appointed to their respective committees.

Next Meetings

  • November 9--9:00 a.m. (Central) Conference Call
  • December 5 and 6--face-to-face meeting in Nashville
  • January 11--9:00 a.m. (Central) Conference Call
  • March 8--9:00 a.m. (Central) Conference Call
  • May 10--9:00 a.m. (Central) Conference Call
  • July 12--9:00 a.m. (Central) Conference Call