PLC- November 2006
Centra Meeting
November 30, 2006


Nina Boston, Information Technology, University of Arkansas
Mike Bratcher, Information Technology, North Carolina A&T State University
Gae Broadwater, Community Development, Kentucky State University
Paul Coreil, ASRED Advisor, Louisiana State University
Nelson Daniels, PLC Chair-Elect, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Prairie View A&M University
Frankie Gould, Communications, Louisiana State University
Beverly Howell, Family and Consumer Sciences, Mississippi State University
Lamar Nichols, 4-H Youth Development, Auburn University
Paul Mask, Ag and Natural Resources, Auburn University
Gloria Mosby, Communications, Prairie View A&M University
Jon Ort, ASRED Appointee, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Mitch Owen, Program & Staff Dev., North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Thelma Sanders-Hunter, PLC Chair, Family & Consumer Sciences, Tennessee State University
Joe Schaefer, Middle Management, University of Florida
Ellen Smoak, Middle Managers, North Carolina A&T University
Dorothy Wilson, 4-H Youth Development, FCS, CRD, Langston University
Tony Windham, Community Development, University of Arkansas


Ron Brown, ASRED
Kathy Ibendahl, SRDC
L Washington Lyons, AEA


Gina Eubanks, AEA Advisor, Southern University Cooperative Extension
Ray McKinnie, AEA Appointee, North Carolina A&T State University

Welcome and Roll Call

Nina Boston welcomed everyone to the PLC Mid-Year Meeting that is being held for the first time on Centra. All have done wonderfully with the Centra practices. She gave some initial instructions. There have been a few technical problems, but they are being resolved.

Advisors' report

Paul Coriel, ASRED Advisor

Jon Ort, ASRED Appointee

Ron Brown, ASRED

L. Washington Lyons, AEA

PLN Annual August Meeting


Meeting Theme

1). CECP

2). Urban Programming

3). Environment - biofuels, global warming

4). Leadership training:


Gloria - Would like to see us continue the crisis management theme.

Frankie - Thought the crisis management issue made the meeting one of the best we've had in a long time and would like to see some continuation of it. LSU has been developing business continuity plans for parishes, counties, partnerships, etc. This has been a wonderful educational opportunity and she feels it's worth pursuing.

Paul Coriel - Topic idea: NRI grant focus to make help us gain grant dollars.

Ron Brown - There is an activity in the NC region that relates to what Paul said. The have picked some key areas and developed multi-institutional plans using a logical framework and gearing up to be more competitive in these integrated programs using the logical framework that CSREES is requesting.

Mitch - There may be a compliment of what we face in urban programming and how the rural climate is changing. For example, the change in 4-H programming to deal with h.s. graduation. How do we build strong, integrated programs?

The committee voted on theme ideas to open further discussion.

  1. Programming Challenges. Urban and shifting rural programming (7 votes)
  2. Crisis Communications Next Steps: Business Continuity (4 votes)
  3. Exploring new funding opportunities for integrated programs (CREATE 21, NC Model, NRI grant generation) (7 votes)
  4. CECP

The committee decided that this August's meeting theme will be "building new resource support and urban opportunities." Resource funding will be our priority and we will integrate urban programming under it.

Program Committee

Members of the program committee are Nina, Mitch, Gloria, Kathy, Ron, and L. Washington. Let us know if you would like to contribute. That would be wonderful.


Any wonderful speaker ideas? Please send names of people with similar speaker abilities as Vincent Covello.

We will include a 15 - 20 minute update on CECP in our program. CECP has a meeting soon and has a draft with eXtension to join the eXtension infrastructure. This is a big step that will save us a lot of money. We'll have the server and all the support we need to operate CECP as an internal Community of Practice.

Committee Reports

ANR Paul Mask - Our committee has not met this quarter. Nelson Daniels - There are a couple of groups trying to decide what we can do as a community of practice that will work with CECP or eXtension. The Ag Quality Community of Practice will be meeting next week at Tuskeegee,.

COMM Frankie Gould - The Communications Committee met on October 11th. They reviewed the plan of work and the modules in progress. The copyright module has been reviewed. Ashley Wood is in the process of completing the Newsletter module. In PR, Communications worked on Rules for Writing and the training workshop is being reviewed. They focused heavily on crisis communication modules in PR and have a fairly good outline. Frankie and Ashley are working on that module.

The digital photography module is being developed as is the media relations module. The committees hopes that these modules will be complete in October 2007. Several meetings will be held before the August meeting.

The Extension directors, JCEP, ACE, and other organizations will be hearing about the ESOP marketing and communications task force that met in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Frankie was a part of this group. They met for a day and a half and came up with goals, target audiences and next steps. A review of the results will be going to the Extension administrators and directors in February. They will meet again in March to continue the work on a nation-wide basis.
eXtension will be a part of this communications and marketing plan. Dan Cotton is on the committee.

CD Tony Windham - CRD has a conference call scheduled for tomorrow morning. Gae Broadwater - Several of us are here in Jacksonville this week working on the Entreprenuership community of practice. Some leaders are getting ready for NACDEP where they will be presenting a soft roll out of the community of practice.

A question arose about the eXtension copyright agreement that was sent to the institutions. Gae addressed this and said the date it is due has been changed to some time in January. There is a lot of heartburn about the agreement, but it basically allows the faculty member to retain the right to the material but allow it to be in the eXtension system.

Mitch said this will be a continual challenge to understand and explain the intellectual property issues. We need to be prepared to deal with it.
Frankie said that she and Dr. Coreil is having their university legal counsel and the wording could possibly be rewritten and made clearer. It is hoped that the eXtension people will make the agreement clearer to help people to understand copyright issues. Nina asked that those who are working on these issues keep the rest of us informed.

FCS Beverly Howell. About four members participated in the NASULGC meetings and provided a voice to the Human Sciences group. Dr. Irene Lee of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff was the 1890 Region Regional Award Recipient of the Excellence in Extension and Diversity Awards. The next FCS conference call will be held in January.

Thelma Sanders-Hunter - Reported on a recent call in which it was made clear that there is a need for people to be educated in home safety, finances, and obesity issues. FCS will have three conference calls prior to the August meeting.

4-H Lamar Nicols - 4-H had its quarterly conference call October 12th. They discussed what happened at the PLN meeting in August and heard CECP updates, national level changes, a national council update from Susan Holder, and an update concerning communications. The 4-H Leadership Trust is no longer the communications link and the program committee is working to establish communications that are more effective. The committee set its 2007 meeting schedule.
Dorothy Wilson - In March, we will be having a 4-H national program leaders meeting.

IT Nina - IT has not met since October, but the committee is working with eXtension's Wiki to edit a survey that will be used to help people self-evaluate their technical skills. That information will help us know what training is needed to prepare people for disasters. They should have it ready before the August conference.

IT continues to work with its USDA contact to have more interaction at the next meeting.

MM Joe Schaefer - The Middle Managers are going to have a conference call in the near future.

PSD Mitch Owen - PSD will have its next teleconference on December 12th and it will be a major planning meeting to plan what needs to be accomplished before Louisville.

Mike Lambert will be joining the eXtension team as the evaluator. He was our representative on the CECP steering committee and they are not sure if he will continue in this capacity.

Major Projects: 1) Evaluation of CECP approved by the directors in PR. We will be starting that process. 2) Integrate what we have been done at the SEAL conference. Merging those two for one conference.

Gae Broadwater added that the 1890 CRD program team will produce a series of quarterly briefs. The first one in will be out in January and will highlight 1890 programming and resources available on the topic of leadership.

Nina thanked everyone for giving Centra a try. Please give her your feedback and let her know if there is anything we can do to improve on this and if you want to continue hosting meetings this way. Mitch thanked Nina for hosting this via Centra and congratulated her on a fine job.


Submitted by Kathy Ibendahl, SRDC