Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
November 9, 2001


Agriculture and Natural Resources

Ross Love
Louie Rivers

Communications and Information Technology

Gloria Mosby

Community Development

Rick Maurer

Family and Consumer Sciences

Sarah Anderson
Carolyn Nobles

4-H Youth Development

Charles Cox

Middle Management

Claude Bess
Helen Brooks

Program and Staff Development Advisors
David Foster
Bo Beaulieu
Ron Brown
Bonnie Teater

PLC Chair, Carolyn Nobles, thanked all for being present and called upon David Foster to provide a report from the Southern Directors'/Administrators' meeting in Roanoke. Dr. Foster informed the group that a couple of new committees have resulted from the Roanoke meetings:

  1. Southern Region PLC Review Task Force. The purpose of this committee is to review the structure and function of the Southern PLC. Membership on the committee which will be convened by Lawrence Carter and David Foster are as follows: Adell Brown, Mike French, Charlene Jacobs, Margaret Johnson, Judith Jones, Carolyn Nobles, Bo Ryles, Noland Williams. Ron Brown and Bonnie Teater will serve as ex officio members. Members were chosen by their respective association of directors (1862 and 1890). The Task Force is looking at a January meeting.
  2. Cooperative Extension Curriculum Project Task Force. This committee will support the efforts in multi state training and educational material development and sharing. The process of recruiting membership is not complete and as soon as members are named, Southern PLC will be notified. Ron Brown provided further details regarding the CECP task force which includes the appointment of 4 other work groups: Inventory and Pilot Test Workgroup; Curriculum Taxonomy Workgroup; Learning Standards Workgroup; and Information Technology Standards Workgroup.

Dr. Foster also reported that all Southern PLC Action Items were approved by the Association of Southern Region Extension Directors. Bonnie agreed to check with the Association of 1890 Administrators to secure minutes to determine status of action items from the September PLC Report. It was also noted that Tim Mack from Virginia Tech had been appointed advisor to the Communications and Information Technology Committee. The 1890 advisor was not known at this time.

In making plans for the December 5 and 6 meeting, Carolyn reported folks of the importance of this meeting and the importance of having representatives from each committee present. Based on a poll of all of those persons present, representatives from each of the committees will be present. However, it was noted that there was not a representative from Program and Staff Development on the call. It was also noted that all should review the Evaluations from the Savannah meeting and begin to give thought regarding the structure of the 2002 Nashville meeting.

Ron Brown reported that ASRED had appointed an E-Extension Task Force. Membership on that committee is Margaret Hale, Judith Jones, Dan Smith, Joe McGilberry, Dan Smith, and Charles Norman. The purpose of this task force is to develop a position paper for ASRED and to plan a workshop to be held early in 2002. Representatives of ECOP Strategic Planning Council, PLC, and PODC, along with SR-PLC CIT will be involved.

Committee Reports