Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
May 20, 2004

Helen Brooks, MM, Alcorn State University
Nina Boston, Information Technology, University of Arkansas
Paul Coreil, ASRED Representative, Louisiana State University
Charles Cox, Past Chair of PLC and Chair of PLN-EC, 4-H, Oklahoma State University
Carla Craycraft, Communications, University of Kentucky
Thelma J. Feaster, PSD and Member of PLN-EC, North Carolina A&T State University
Thelma Hunter-Sanders, FCS and Member of PLN-EC, Tennessee State University
Ed Jones, CD, North Carolina State University
Gloria Mosby, Chair of PLC and Member of PLN-EC, Communications, Prairie View A&M University
Louie Rivers, ANR, Kentucky State University
Charles Shepphard, CD, Alcorn State University
Larry Turner, ASRED Advisor, University of Kentucky
Noland Williams, AEA Representative to PLC and PLN-EC, Kentucky State University
Linda Williams-Willis, AEA Advisor to PLC and PLN-EC, Prairie View A&M University
Dorothy Wilson, 4-H Youth Development, Langston UniversityEx-Officio:
Ron Brown, ASRED
Bonnie Teater, SRDC

Kent Rorie, PSD, University of Arkansas
Kathy Volanty, FCS, Texas A&M University
Joe Waldrum, PSD, University of Arkansas

Ross Love, ANR, Oklahoma State University

Welcome and Introductions:

Gloria Mosby called the meeting to order and welcomed all to the meeting. The March 18 minutes were approved by consensus with the correction of Colein Heffernan's

Update on Revision of Historical Document:
Nina Boston reported that she and Gloria Mosby, with the help of Ron Brown, have updated the historical document and it is now available on-line.

Advisor's Reports:
Linda Willis reported that the 1890 Summer Conference is planned for Greensboro, North Carolina. She reported that there are 6 subject matter program teams and 2 marketing and IT teams. The groups will be meeting and determine how their work is incorporated within PLN. This issue will be discussed later.

Larry Turner reported on behalf of ASRED. He indicated that there are job announcements on the street for e-Extension professionals. He also indicated that during there has been some discussion regarding the National Leadership Training Program, but no decisions have been made. ASRED is looking at some opportunities for potential partnership with the Department of Energy. Also, ASRED is working with the Atlanta program director on the Food Stamp/Nutrition Education program. Turner also indicated that Dr. Lee Todd, President of the University of Kentucky, will be on the August agenda of PLN.

CECP and e-Extension Updates:
Ron Brown reported a bit more on the e-Extension effort by indicated that the three positions that have been announced are as follows: Director, Associate Director for IT, and Association Director for Content Development. He agreed to send the announcement out to the PLC. Brown also indicated that a board is being formed to govern the e-Extension effort.

Brown reported that CECP is moving along more slowly than anticipated; however, the Charter is done and is available on the web. Also, he indicated that current plans are for e-Extension to provide the bulk of the infrastructure for CECP.

Task Forces Update:

Program Committee Reports:

2004 Meeting Update
Ron Brown and Bonnie Teater reported that plans are to have the website available in early June. Based on earlier discussions, a call for presentations will be sent out throughout the Southern region requesting input into the General Session agenda on Monday. It was noted that there will be more overlap time available with AEA and ASRED during the August meeting.

Next Meeting-July 15. 9:00 a.m. Central