Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
March 8, 2002


  Sarah Anderson University of Arkansas (Family and Consumer Sciences)
  Claude Bess Oklahoma State University (Middle Management)
  Ron Brown ASRED Executive Director  
  Charles Cox Oklahoma State University (4-H Youth Development)
  Dave Foster Oklahoma State University (Advisor)
  Ross Love Oklahoma State University (Agriculture and Natural Resources)
  Carolyn Nobles, Chair Prairie View A&M University (Family and Consumer Sciences)
  Louie Rivers Kentucky State University (Agriculture and Natural Resources)
  Charles Sheppherd Alcorn State University (Community Development)
  Bonnie Teater Southern Rural Development Center  
  Joe Waldrum University of Arkansas (Program and Staff Development)

Chair Carolyn Nobles called the group to order and thanked all for being present. Minutes from the January 11 meeting were approved (Cox/Waldrum).

Advisor David Foster reported that the PLC Organization Task Force would be meeting March 14 and 15 in Atlanta. Plans are for having only one face-to-face meeting with all items discussed with assignments made and follow-up action handled electronically.

Ron Brown indicated that a meeting of the Cooperative Extension Curriculum Project (CECP) team was held January 22 and 23 with their next meeting scheduled for April 24 and 25. The E-Extension meeting is scheduled for March 25 and 26 with representatives from across the South as well as representatives from each of the other regions, CSREES, ADEC, and SRDC.

The Southern Region Program Committee Meeting agenda for August 2002 was discussed. It was determined that the following agenda be adopted:

Theme: E-Extension: Strengthening Collaboration and Capacity
Dates: August 25-28, 2002
Location: Embassy Suites, Nashville, Tennessee

Sunday, August 25
  4:00 Southern PLC meeting
Monday, August 26
  8:00 General Session
Welcome, etc.


E-Extension (Ron Brown)
  8:30 Cooperative Extension Curriculum Project (CECP)
15 minutes--Overview
10 minutes--Inventory and Pilot
10 minutes--Taxonomy
15 minutes--Learning Strategies
15 minutes--Information Technology Standards
  10:00 Break
  10:30 Program Committee Meetings (routine Committee business)
  Noon Luncheon
  1:00 General Session
"Wake 'Em Up with Wisdom" Wendell H. Bailey, Jr., Chief Technologist, NBC, Inc, (CONFIRMED)

Possible items for the general session agenda:


Implementation of 21st Century Report


Southern Region Multi-State PLC Organization Task Force Report

  3:00 Break
  3:30 Program Committee Meetings (to discuss CECP, etc.)
  5:00 Adjourn
  6:30 Reception/Exhibit Fair (will await response from Communications and Information Technology Committee) to replace State Night Out
Tuesday, August 27
  8:00 Breakout Groups to discuss CCEP (along lines of subcommittees)
Inventory and Pilot
Learning Strategies
Information Technology Strategies
  9:30 Break
  10:00 Program Committees Meeting (to discuss breakout groups and routine business)
  Noon Luncheon
  1:00 Program Committees (routine business)
  3:00 Break
  3:30 Time set aside for Joint Program Committee Meetings (Program committee chairs are encouraged to coordinate with other appropriate committee chairs to make this happen.)
  4:15 Time set aside for Joint Program Committee Meetings

Wednesday, August 28

  8:00 Committee Meetings (routine business)
  Noon Adjourn

It was also decided that registration and information about this meeting would all be handledelectronically.

Committee Reports

Agriculture and Natural Resources--No report.

Communications and Information Technology--Gloria Mosby sent an email message that their Committee would be meeting by conference call later in the month and would determine specifics about involvement in the August meeting.

Community Development--Rick Maurer sent a message that their Committee met during the recent National Community Resources and Economic Development conference in Orlando and the committee is taking a hard look at a comprehensive plan of community development training.

4-H Youth Development--The triennial meeting is scheduled for the week of March 11 in San Antonio with over 130 specialists registered from throughout the Southern region.

Family and Consumer Science--No report.

Middle Management--Claude Bess reported that their planning committee is working on the 2003 meeting and as information becomes available it will be shared with the PLC.

Program and Staff Development--No report.

Next Conference Call:
May 10--9:00 a.m. Central / 10:00 a.m. Eastern