Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
March 15, 2000


  Margaret Johnson, Chair Carla Craycraft
  Claude Bess Gloria Mosby
  Charles Cox Jerry Whiteside
  Bill Harris Sandy Zaslow
  Fred Broughton Carolyn Nobles

Advisors: David Foster / Noland Williams
Bonnie P. Teater

Advisor's Report

David Foster

Southern Directors will be meeting April 8-10, and all action items will be presented for their approval. Preliminary approval for all action items has been given, pending final approval.

Noland Williams

1890 Administrators approved all action items at their February meeting.

ANR Report--Bill Harris

The three committees have been meeting in anticipation of approval:

  1. Master Gardener
  2. Master Naturalist
  3. Master Home Gardener

The Southern region is hosting the National ANR meeting in Texas, March 27-29, in San Antonio. The Southern leaders
will meet on March 26 prior to the National meeting.

Communications and Information Technology--Carla Craycraft

Internet Radio Project, Multi-State Project. Florida will have a staff person on-site to move this regional project along. Texas is a part of the program.

Community Development--

4-H Youth Development--Charles Cox

Character Counts workshop hosted by Tennessee had most states represented. A team met and identified a state contact to begin their multi-state efforts. Certification training was a part of the training.

Work toward preparing Multi-State Plans is ongoing.

State Program Leaders will meeting in conjunction with National 4-H Congress, April 11-15, 2000. Southern leaders meeting on April 12.

Program Leaders have voted to dissolve the 4-H Curriculum Fund, and currently getting those funds dispersed back to the participating states.

Family and Consumer Sciences--Sandy Zaslow/Carolyn Nobles

The Southern Region Program Leaders met in Greensboro, in conjunction with national program leaders. Additional meetings have been through conference calls.

Multi-State Programming with Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi on family resource management.

Southern Region Accountability workshop in Texas in April with focus on Family Resource Management and Health.

Health SERA is planning a Community Health Institute in October.

Middle Management--Fred Broughton

Middle Management will have it's biannual meeting in April, 2001 in Florida. Details are in planning stages.

Program and Staff Development--Jerry Whiteside/Margaret Johnson

A request had been made by the Middle Management committee regarding the Southern Extension Leadership Program. This will be an action item for the Southern PLC meeting.

Accountability Conference in Texas. Members of PSD Committee are involved in the training.

Judy Goff, North Carolina, is providing leadership for pulling together a group of individuals to discuss issues regarding advisory leadership systems, March 9, in Atlanta.

Southern PLC WebSite

The Southern Region PLC Website is in the developmental stages.

The address is:

Multi-State Activities Update

The 1862 Southern Directors will discuss further at their meeting in April.

1890 Administrators discussed the multi-state activities. There was questions regarding whether the Multi-state Form had been approved and should all be using.

2000 Meeting of Southern PLC Update

Charles Laughlin (Bonnie to check again)
Lawrence Carter (Confirmed)
Jon Ort (Confirmed)
Ron Brown (Confirmed)
Steve Jones (Confirmed)
Mike Davis (Confirmed)
D. C. Coston (Tentative) (Charles Cox to check further)
Clyde Chesney and Walt Walla (need to be confirmed by Rick Maurer)


May 5, 2000
9:00 a.m. Central