Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
June 5, 2003

Charles Cox, 4-H Youth Development, Oklahoma State University, Chair
Thelma Feaster, Program and Staff Development, North Carolina A&T State University Robert Fehr, Communications and Information Technology, University of Kentucky
Thelma Hunter-Sanders, Family and Consumer Sciences, Tennessee State University (represented by Ms. Johnson)
Ed Jones, Community Development, North Carolina State University
Ross Love, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University
Kent Rorie, Middle Management, University of Arkansas
Kathy Volanty, Family and Consumer Sciences, Texas A&M University
Joe Waldrum, Program and Staff Development, University of Arkansas
Carolyn Nobles, Executive Committee Chair, Prairie View A&M University
David Foster, 1862 Advisor, Oklahoma State University
Ron Brown, ASRED, Ex Officio
Bonnie Teater, SRDC, Ex Officio

Advisors' Updates:
David Foster indicated that no meetings had been held since the February 6 conference call. He did indicated that ASRED would be meeting June 26 and 27, and there may be a limited amount of time at that meeting to conduct business. It was noted that the CIT recommendation needed AEA and ASRED approval, and it was determined that steps should be taken to get the item on the agendas of both AEA and ASRED. However, in the event that one or both of the Associations is unable to take the matter up in business, the CIT committee was encouraged to proceed with electing committee representatives as if there were two committees.

SR-PLN Executive Committee:
Carolyn Nobles reported that the group had a conference call on May 29. The Committee will be preparing a procedural manual as well as a matrix of important information (i.e., dates, websites, etc.) The group will also meet face-to-face during the joint CECP/SR-PLN Executive Committee meeting in July.

Ron Brown reported that there was a joint CECP/SR-PLN Executive Committee meeting scheduled to more fully integrate the activities of CECP into the efforts of PLN. One item on the agenda will be to decide a review process for getting materials into the shared database. He also reminded each of the committees that they are responsible for showcasing one example during the August meeting.

Ron Brown reported that he was in Washington with a work group of e-Extension to develop an official business plan for e-Extension. During the week, the group has met with Dr. Heffernan, Dr. Rodney Brown and others to determine future strategy and funding options. He indicated that it was a most productive meeting.

Committee Reports:

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Ross Love indicated that the ANR leaders met in April. They spent a good deal of time on CECP and the taxonomies. There are various work groups developing taxonomies on the various ANR subject areas. During the meeting, they discussed potential CECP funding (i.e., sustainable agriculture and forestry). They currently have a module in process on risk management for the meeting in August. The group is also in the process of putting work plans together and should have that well before the August meeting to share with the group.

Communications and Information Technology
Bob Fehr reported that Larry Lippke, from Texas A&M University, has handled on-line training. With about 15 participants so far in that training. The group has organized themselves around various subject areas to put together something for the August meeting. The last meeting of the committee was held by videoconferencing. They are planning to have a CIT meeting at the ACE conference in Kansas City to discuss CECP modules and preplanning for the August meeting. Fred Piazza will be making a presentation on e-Extension at the ACE meeting and Larry Lippke will also be involved.

Community Development
Ed Jones reported that he was unable to comment on CECP, but would follow-up with our representatives about the process. Other issues that the Committee is addressing: Association of Community Development Educators, building as a national effort. As always, there is the issue of continuing to prioritize and offer training on a regional basis.

Family and Consumer Sciences
Kathy Volanty reported that the Program Leaders met in April, and Ellen Murphy is working on the CECP database. Ms. Johnson reported on behalf of Thelma Hunter Sanders that the 1890 nutrition and wellness group will meet with the AEA group. Next conference call will be July 11.

4-H Youth Development
Charles Cox reported that the 4-H Youth Development Committee has organized a work group to work core competencies for volunteers through staff development, utilizing the 4-H PRK. The 4-H group has a conference call soon and will be able to report more. Most states are engaged in 4-H activities and also with the rural development grant from National 4-H Council.

Middle Management
Kent Rorie reported that the Middle Management members had a very well attended regional conference in April. He also reported that the Middle Management Annual Work Plan is on the web. The group currently has a committee looking at what type of modules that middle management committee could contribute that are not already covered by other groups.

Program and Staff Development
Joe Waldrum reported that he has talked with the PSD Chair, Michael Lambur, and that the committee has worked closely with the CECP group. There are two modules ready for the August meeting from Program and Staff Development:

1. Continued improvement on the history of Extension.
2. Presentation skills.

The group is also working on a module evaluation of Extension programs.

Next Conference Call:
August 7, 2003