Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
July 7, 2000


  Margaret Johnson (Chair) Rick Maurer
  Claude Bess Gloria Mosby
  Fred Broughton Carolyn Nobles
  Charles Cox Bonnie Teater
  Carla Craycraft Jerry Whiteside
  LaRae Donnallen Sandy Zaslow
  Ellen (for Bill Harris)  

Old Business

1. Comunications and Information Technology Proposal. LaRae Donnellan provided an update on the proposal that was submitted to PLC. She indicated that the proposal needed to be modified based on new information. Her plans are to modify the proposal and submit to the PLC for discussion on our next conference call.

2. Strengthen Extension Advisory Leadership Proposal. Margaret Johnson will follow-up with Judy Groff and have an update for the next conference call.

3. PLC Meeting Dates. Each of the committees had taken a survey and results follow:

ANR--Bill Harris had passed on responses from ANR to Bonnie Teater and those responses indicated a preferred Spring Meeting.
CIT--Preferred Spring or Summer
CD--Rick Maurer indicated that most preferred moving to late Spring. However, he did report that it was noted that originally SPLC was given the authority by the Southern Directors to act
(approve/disapprove) program-related matters. Somewhere along the line, the Southern Directors took back that authority.
FCS--has a conference call next week and will survey members.
4-H--Preferred leaving date as scheduled and having action taken by conference call or email.
MM--Preferred moving meeting date to late Spring/Summer
PSD--Preferred moving meeting date to Mid-May to Mid-June

Based on this information, there was concensus to give more thought to the question, particularly in light of accommodating the needs of 4-H Youth Development. A final decision will be made on the next conference call.

4, 2000 Southern Region Meeting Update. Bonnie reported that there were more registered for this meeting than in year's past. It was requested that as equipment needs arrise, particularly with Data
Projector needs, that the PLC would assist in taking equipment. Puerto Rico will provide most equipment needs. Bonnie also reported that the University of Puerto Rico and other sponsors will
be hosting a Tuesday evening cultural activity. Therefore, Committee Night Out will be Monday night, and there will be no State Night Out. Gloria Mosby requested an exhibit table space for the meeting.

New Business

1. Report to Southern Directors / Administrators. Bonnie reported that a request will be made to all committee chairs for a report. This report will be compiled into a Southern PLC report that Margaret
Johnson will provide to Southern Directors / Administrators on August 12.

2. Additional Conference Call--August 8, 9:00 a.m. Central / 10:00 a.m. Eastern.

3. Committee Reports

CIT--Gloria Mosby reported that their Committee is working on the Puerto Rico agenda.
CD--Rick Maurer reported on a successful Southern Community Development Institute. Also, announced the October 11-13 Sustainable Communities Conference.
FCS--Sandy Zaslow and Carolyn Nobles reported of ongoing multi-state efforts. Also, their Committee will be requesting an additional meeting for Accountability next spring.
MM--The Planning Committee for the Spring 2001 meeting met recently to begin planning for the April 2-5 meeting which will be held in Gainesville, Florida.
PSD--Jerry Whiteside indicated that their Committee will be working on outlining future direction for the SELD program.


August 8
9:00 a.m. Central
10:00 a.m. Eastern