Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
February 6, 2003


Helen Brooks, MM, Alcorn State University
Charles Cox, 4-H, Oklahoma State University, Chair
Robert Fehr, CIT, University of Kentucky
Thelma Hunter-Sanders, FCS, Tennessee State University
Ed Jones, CRD, North Carolina State University
Ross Love, ANR, Oklahoma State University
Gloria Mosby, CIT, Prairie View A&M University
Louie Rivers, ANR, Kentucky State University
Kent Rorie, MM, University of Arkansas
Charles Sheppherd, CRD, Alcorn State University
Kathy Volanty, FCS, Texas A&M University
Carolyn Nobles, Executive Committee Chair, Prairie View A&M University
David Foster, 1862 Advisor, Oklahoma State University
Ron Brown, ASRED, Ex Officio
Bonnie Teater, SRDC, Ex Officio


Minutes were approved with one amendment in the FCS report (FF NEWS should be all caps).

Executive Committee:

Carolyn Nobles reported that she would be setting up a conference call prior to the next meeting.

1862 Administrative Advisor's Report:

David Foster had no report.However, he encouraged CECP committees to not forsake collaborative efforts.

e-Extension Report:

Ron Brown reported that three regional meetings were held across the country with good participation and enthusiasm.There were over 350 participants from 47 states and 3 territories in attendance.The next step is to request that Dr. Fehlis (ECOP chair) to appoint an implementation task force whose job would be to flesh out details regarding funding, governance and organizational structure.

CECP Report:

Ron Brown indicated that work is continuing with pilot testing and content management system development.He reminded each of the program committees to assemble teams to work on modules.The guidebook is on the web and committee members are encouraged to review.It was also noted that some modules will be showcased during the August meeting of PLC.

Annual Work Plans:

A web-based template for completing regional committee annual work plans has been developed and will soon be available for use. It was suggested that a column be added for the completion date to be entered.The template will be shared with regional committees, and Charles will prepare a letter to committee chairs to be sent out with the website.

CIT Proposal:

The proposal as submitted by the CIT Committee was approved (Rorie/Sanders).It was suggested that a briefing document be prepared for the ASRED that frames the issue, orients the directors and provides only the major implications and take this to their meeting as a comprehensive action item.

Committee Reports:

Agriculture and Natural Resources-Ross Love / Louie Rivers

The ANR will have a mid-year meeting in April in Texas.

Communications and Information Technology-Robert Fehr / Gloria Mosby

The Committee has an upcoming conference call and will have more to report later.

Community Development-Ed Jones / Charles Shepphard

The Community Development Committee is primarily dealing with training of Extension staff and partnering organization.

Family and Consumer Sciences-Thelma Hunter-Sanders / Kathy Volanty

1890 FCS leaders are focusing on minority nutritional needs and food stamp efforts.

4-H Youth Development-Charles Cox

Charles Cox reported that the Committee is working on the Rural Development grant funded from USDA to the National 4-H Council.The group is in their first round of review and revisions focusing on volunteer development, youth-adult partnerships, and after school activities.

Middle Management-Kent Rorie / Helen Brooks

The Southern Region Middle Manager's conference is scheduled for April 7-11, 2003 in Roanoke, VA.

Program and Staff Development-Joe Waldrum

No Report

August 2003 Agenda:

Sunday, August 24
  4:00 p.m. SR-PLC Meeting
  5:00 SR-PLC Meeting with Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs
  6:00 SR-PLC Executive Committee Meeting
Monday, August 25

n SR-PLN Overview
n e-Extension
n National Security Issue (hold slot)

    Executive Committee is responsible for setting up the General Session with help from Ed Jones
  9:45 Break
  10:15 Program Committees Meet
  12:00 p.m. Lunch
  1:00 Program Committees Meet
  5:00 Committee Night Out
Tuesday, August 26
  8:00 a.m. Program Committees Meet (some joint time)
  12:00 p.m. Lunch
  1:00 Program Committees Meeting (some joint time)
  2:45 Break
  3:15 Program Committees Prepare Recommendations to SR-PLC
  5:30 Joint Reception (SR-PLN, AEA, ASRED)
State Night Out
Wednesday, August 27
  7:00 a.m. SR-PLC Meeting to finalize report to AEA and ASRED
  8:30 Program Committees Meet
  12:00 p.m. Adjourn

Conference Calls:

April 3, 9:00 Central / 10:00 Eastern

June 5, 9:00 Central / 10:00 Eastern

August 7, 9:00 Central / 10:00 Eastern

Call Number:662-325-8448