Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
February 23, 2001


Rick Maurer, University of Kentucky (Chair)
Carolyn Nobles, Prairie View A&M University (Vice-Chair)
Sarah Anderson, University of Arkansas
Charles Artis, South Carolina State University
Claude Bess, Oklahoma State University
Fred Broughton, South Carolina State University
Lawrence Carter, Florida A&M University (Advisor)
Charles Cox, Oklahoma State University
Bill Harris, Texas A&M University
James Hill, South Carolina State University
Nickey Jefferson, West Virginia State College
Bonnie P. Teater, Southern Rural Development Center
Jerry Whiteside, University of Georgia


Jack Bagent, Louisiana State University (Advisor)
Bo Beaulieu, Southern Rural Development Center
Carla Craycraft, University of Kentucky
Sam Felder, South Carolina State University
Gloria Mosby, Prairie View A&M University

2001 Southern Region Program Leaders Meeting, August 26-29, 2001, Savannah, Georgia:

The group discussed the agenda and determined speakers that were not confirmed and budget for meeting.

Monday, August 27-General Session

It was confirmed that Bo Beaulieu had secured Frances Hesselbein from the Drucker Foundation to be the speaker for an honorarium of $2,000 plus expenses. Her time allotment is from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.

Panel Presentation-10:30 - 12:00 noon

It was determined that each member of the panel would speak for about 15 minutes to allow time for questions and answers.

Texas-Bill Harris indicated that either Chester Fehlis or Margaret Hale would make the presentation regarding the Texas experience of their process, issues addressed and the Texas response to the survey.

South Carolina State-Fred Broughton will confirm the South Carolina presentation with Oscar Butler.

Louisiana State-Jack Bagent was not on the call, but had volunteered during our November meeting.

Tuesday, August 28-General Session

Community Response

William Parker is available for a fee of $1,500 plus expenses. Carolyn Nobles is to check with her contact from Austin, and will let Rick and/or Sarah have response no later than Tuesday. A final decision will be made after contact is made with Carolyn's contact.

Facilitated Roundtable Discussion

Rick and Bonnie will further explore this activity and provide updated response on next call.

Panel Response

1890 Regional Administrator-Fred Broughton and Lawrence Carter indicated that 1890 institutions had not hired a regional administrator. However, they will determine who should make the 1890 administrator response to the issue of "building quality communities."

Regional Director-This person will be hired shortly and will be notified of this opportunity as soon as "on board."

CSREES Administrator-Since Jack Bagent was not on the call, it was not known if Colleen Heffernan had been secured.

Regional Committee Updates:

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Bill Harris reported that the Southern ANR Leaders and the North Central ANR Leaders had met jointly last week in Washington, DC. There were meetings with administrators from CSREES and NRCS regarding the opportunities in developing joint proposals and joint plans of work. It was noted that the North Central Leaders were very jealous of the Southern ANR website.

Communications and Information Technology

No report.

Community Development

Rick Maurer and Charles Artis reported on the mid-year meeting held in Fort Worth in January. Highlighted were the Community Development Institute scheduled for May 15 through 18, an effort to establish regional curricula on workforce and business retention.

Family and Consumer Sciences

No report.

4-H Youth Development

This group will be meeting jointly in April and may have action and/or information items after that meeting.

Middle Management

Claude Bess indicated that the agenda for the April Middle Management meeting had been distributed to directors and administrators. There were not action items from this committee.

Program and Staff Development

Jerry Whiteside and Nickey Jefferson indicated that the Strengthening Extension Advisory Councils conference is set for May 3-5 in North Carolina and information should be sent out shortly. The following is information that needs to go to the Directors for an "action item" for their meeting in April:

It was noted that there continues to be confusion about the status of the Southern Extension Leadership Development (SELD) program and the role that Texas A&M will play since Howard Ladewig is no longer there. A&M continues to provide normal support for workshops conducted by member states to include scanning score sheets, providing assessment printouts, etc. However, P&SD committee members do not know who will provide leadership in scheduling and conducting Southern Region SELD Workshops. The Middle Management Committee has requested that a region wide workshop be conducted. Will Texas A&M provide leadership to do that, or should the P&SD committee appoint a committee to organize and conduct a workshop?

Sustainable Development Conference

Rick Maurer reported that the multi-state team continues to be active and participate in conference calls and through electronic mail. There will be information presented to Southern Directors at their upcoming meeting that will include an "action item" as follows:

The Sustainable Development Multi-State Conference Team is making an effort to prepare support curricula for all states that wish to pursue emphasis on sustainable development within their individual states. The team is planning on putting these materials together in electronic format and on a website. The request will be that Directors support this effort. Plans are also to develop a brochure that will be distributed at the August PLC conference so that State Program Leaders will go back to their individual states and advertise this opportunity and hopefully encourage staff development around the curricula provided.

Southern Directors Meeting

Bonnie reminded committee members that each committee should prepare a report for Southern directors no later than April 9 so that the report can be compiled and distributed at their meeting. She indicated that a reminder note would be sent to each committee chair of this request.

Next Conference Call

April 27 at 9:00 a.m. (Central) / 10:00 a.m. (Eastern)