Program Leadership Committee
November 30 - December 1, 2004 - Charleston, SC
November 30, 2004

Nina Boston, IT, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension
Michael Bratcher, IT, North Carolina A & T University
Paul Coreil, ASRED Representative, Louisiana State University
Carla Craycraft, Communications, University of Kentucky
Tim Cross, ANR, University of Tennessee
Thelma J. Feaster, PSD, Member of the PLN-EC, North Carolina A&T State Univ.
Beverly Howell, FCS, Mississippi State University
Ernie Hughes, CD, Southern University Ag Center
Thelma Hunter-Sanders, PLC Chair-elect, FCS and Member of PLN-EC, Tennessee State University
Ed Jones, PLC Chair, CD, North Carolina State University
Dan Lyons, MM, North Carolina A & T University
Gloria Mosby, Past PLC Chair, Chair of PLN-EC, Comm, Prairie View A& M University
Roger Rennekamp, PSD, University of Kentucky
Louie Rivers, ANR, Kentucky State University
Kent Rorie, MM, University of Arkansas
Dorothy Wilson, 4-H Youth Development, Langston University

Ron Brown, ASRED
Kathy Ibendahl, SRDC

Charles Cox, 4-H, Oklahoma State University

Ed Jones, Chair of PLC, welcomed everyone and requested all to review agenda. Ron Brown asked that the Annual Plan of Work be added to the agenda. The committee has yet to develop its plan.

Advisors Report
Gloria Mosby pointed out the change in the 1890 advisor representative. Linda Williams-Willis has been replaced by Shirley Pope from Alcorn State University. Shirley's contact information is available on the PLC membership webpage at Shirley was made aware of this meeting but was unable to attend due to a conflict.

eExtension Update
Paul Coreil gave a brief update on the progress of the eXtension committee and staff. He stressed how important it is to understand the effect eXtension will have on the Extension system. This will be one of the biggest commitments and challenges for us. We need to put our "thinking caps" on and make this work. We must build the tenure and promotion issue into the system in order for specialists/research faculty to get credit for their content.

Carla Craycraft reported that she, Craig Wood, and Kevin Gamble, invite us all to visit, register, and get involved on the new eXtension intranet site: On February 16, 2005, the directors and administrators will be meeting in Nashville where an eXtension prototype will be unveiled. She described the prototype and the programs that are included. The South will be well represented. And is proving great national leadership. Currently, the staff is working with vendors to identify the appropriate software, the cost for site licensing, etc. The staff is visiting numerous Extension meetings and will be making presentations at the NASULCG administrative heads meeting, ESCOP and CoTech.

More discussion followed on how eXtension will work and how it will set us a part from our competitors. Broadband access in all areas is a concern and may need to be explored further in this process.

Ron Brown discussed eXtension's "Communities of Practice" and "Communities of Interest." He emphasized that eXtension's uniqueness will be its interactivity.

The CECP Steering Committee will be meeting at this location following PLC. They will continue looking at how CECP can be molded into the eXtension framework. At this moment, content issues are the main topic of discussion. The group agreed that our August meeting's general session would be a good time to showcase this year's CECP and eXtension accomplishments.

Committee Reports

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources - Louie Rivers reported that a committee task force is following the tobacco buy out issue. The committee's work plan is in. The national ANR conference will be held in Kansas City in April.

    The committee is developing risk management modules. Jimmy Henning is developing beef competencies. The National Small Farm Conference will be held October 17 - 20, 2005 in Greensboro, NC. Here is a link to more information. Daniel Lyons is a contact person.
    Joan Dusky (FL) is the ANR representative to the CECP Steering Committee. The committee's advisor is Charles Norman.

  • Communications - Gloria Mosby reported that they held a conference call in October. Several CECP modules are being developed-- 1) Newsletters and writing for the local media (being produced by KY), 2) Impact writing (VT), and others. The committee has completed its plan of work. The National Extension Technical Conference will be held in May in San Antonio, TX.

  • Community Resource Development - Ernie Hughes told the group that the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) will hold its first conference February 15 - 18, 2005 at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Here is a link to this organization and conference site:

    The Southern Rural Development Center, in partnership with West Virginia University Extension Service, is sponsoring a web-based rural tourism course this spring. Mike Woods (OK) and Bill Richardson (WV) will be instructing the course. For more information, visit the website at: The last day to register for this course is January 18, 2005.

    The CRD Committee's plan of work is complete and posted.

  • Family and Consumer Sciences - Beverly Howell announced that the FCS national meeting will be held October 3 - 6, 2005 in Nashville, TN. The committee has been busy working on their action items: 1) the obesity conference and 2) the module development workshop October 20 - 33 in Atlanta. There were 46 specialists to attended the meeting in Atlanta, which indicated the commitment this group has for CECP. Four module development teams are in place and the goal is for each to complete one module by August 2005.

    All updates have been submitted and posted to the website with the exception of the August meeting minutes.

  • 4-H - The National 4-H Congress is being held this week in Atlanta. The 4-H National Program Leaders group will be meeting in Tucson, AZ Mary 21 - 24, 2005. Oklahoma hosted the National 4-H Agents' Conference October 31 - November 4. Jeff Howard (TX) and Darlene Baker are working on 4-H CECP modules. The committee is deeply involved in the obesity conference.

  • IT - Nina Boston said that the committee held a conference call in November. Don Hamilton will be leaving the committee because he has accepted a new position as the Homeland Security Coordinator and Director at the University of Georgia. Larry Lippke is the committee's new CECP representative.

    They are up to date with all their web page updates.
    A discussion about the Centra webconferencing system followed. There seems to be a lot of value in it. There is no cost for individuals to "dial in" and a microphone is all the equipment that is needed.

    ACTION: Nina will look into the details of setting up our next conference call using Centra.

  • MM - Kent Rorie announced that the middle managers will be holding a MM conference in New Orleans (Radisson) from April 11 - 14, 2005. The Committee will be holding a conference call on December 9 to finalize the topics. They are trying to put together a database of all the middle managers in the Southern region.

    The 2007 middle managers conference may be held at Virginia Tech. A date has yet to be announced. Kent said that more information should be available soon after January 1.

    Paul Coreil questioned the definition of "middle managers." In some states it may be the director of county operations and other states may not define that level as such. He questioned that it may be time to rethink the term. A short discussion followed.

    ACTION: Kathy Ibendahl will provide Kent Rorie with a Middle Managers list from the SRDC database.

  • PSD - Thelma Feaster told the group that the PSD committee held a conference call in November and they hope to finish three CECP modules in the next year.

    Roger Rennekamp reported that eight white papers are being written on how to measure Extension's effectiveness. We hope this will give us leverage in our states to show what other states are doing. There will be a conference call next week regarding the white papers. The goal is to present these to ASRED in April.

    ACTION: Roger will share details of these findings with PLC.

Committee Advisors - Dr. Brown noticed that the committee advisors have not been updated. He went to the ASRED website and read the 1862 advisors assigned to each committee.

ANR - Charles Norman (TN)
COMM - Fran Wolak (SC)
CRD - Joe Zublena (NC)
FCS - Margaret Hale (TX)
IT - Ross Love (OK)
MM - Larry Arrington (FL)
PSD - Paul Warner (KY)
4-H - Paul Coreil (LA)

ACTION: Dr. Brown will work with Kathy Ibendahl to get these names updated on the PLN website. He will send an e-mail to Clyde Chesney to obtain the list of 1890 advisors.

December 1, 2004

Ed Jones welcomed everyone back to the meeting's second half and reviewed the three items remaining on the agenda: 1) PLC annual work plan, 2) Conference in August, and 3) Conference calls on calendars.

PLC's Annual Work Plan
The last annual work plan the committee created was in 2002-03. There were six items in that plan. They were 1) Work with CIT on forming two committees, 2) Encourage committees to post and review AWP during conference calls, 3) Support CECP and e-Extension, 4) Updates to all members on Program AWP, 5) Support PLN, and 6) Plan Annual Meeting.

Louie Rivers suggested we include working with the two task forces (obesity and leadership) on this year's plan of work. Ed Jones said that we should make it a goal to hold our conference calls using new technology.

ACTION: We will receive an e-mail from Larry Lippke with instructions on using Sentra prior to the February conference call.

Dr. Brown reminded the group that we should set an annual work plan into place at each August meeting. That way were will have a record of our accomplishments.

ACTION: Kathy Ibendahl will put these work plan items into the correct format and will share these with the group during the Feburary Conference call.

Annual Conference in August
Kathy distributed conference evaluation comments via e-mail last week and hard copies yesterday. Ed Jones reviewed the comments.

Ron Brown asked the group to take note if their administrative advisors attend next time. Please tell your committees that the advisors may be in the committee meeting the first day, but that the advisors' ASRED and AEA meetings begin the second day.

The group discussed the interaction of the committees and administration and it was determined that the interaction time is sufficient. The best discussions are the informal ones in the hallways.

The committee determined that each committee's action items must be completed on Tuesday to allow enough time for the PowerPoint presentation to ASRED/AEA to be created. It was recommended that this PowerPoint presentation be made available on the PLC website.

The PLC representatives need to remind their committee chairs to:

  1. Plan their work according to the timeframe provided.
  2. Have action items to Kathy Ibendahl by 5 p.m. on Tuesday.
  3. Tell their committees when the advisors will be attending in order to plan discussions accordingly.
  4. Focus on two or three important projects and work on them all year in order to make progress.

The group discussed ideas for the General Session. Carla Craycraft suggested having Colien Heffran speak to the group no matter what focus we take. Information on how committees may implement eExtension's Community of Practice would be helpful. Planning and accountability are issues that would be helpful to all committees. A discussion on possible speakers followed. A tourism specialist, the President of the University of Maryland at Baltimore, President Bush, and others were recommended.

If we go with project presentations as last year, the group would like to see multi-institutional projects showing how they are using innovative technology.

Roger Rennekamp suggested a round table session on a variety of topics during one of the conference lunches.

ACTION: Roger and Ernie will organize the round table discussion session. We will do some brainstorming at the next conference call.

ACTION: Ed, Ron, and Kathy will review these ideas and return with a recommendation to this group via e-mail.

The meeting was adjourned.
The next meeting will be held via conference call on Thursday, February 24 at 9 a.m. Central. The call-in number is (662) 325-8448.

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