Program Leadership Committee
Conference Call
August 26, 2001


A meeting was called by the Association of Southern Region Extension Directors (ASRED) prior to the Program Leadership Committee meeting with the chairs and vice-chairs of the regional committees. The purpose of this meeting was to engage in a conversation relative to ways to facilitate multi-state sharing of Extension resources. Ron Brown, newly appointed Executive Director of ASRED, facilitated the conversation with PLC members and directors and administrators who could be in attendance.

Those attending were:

Sarah Anderson David Foster
Charles Artis Margaret Hale
Bo Beaulieu James Hill
Claude Bess Ross Love
Rosalie Bivin Rick Maurer
Ron Brown Joe McGilberry
Fred Broughton Gloria Mosby
Lawrence Carter Carolyn Nobles
Clyde Chesney Charles Norman
Charles Cox Bonnie Teater
Carla Craycraft Paul Warner
Clint Depew Jerry Whiteside
Sam Felder Joe Zublena

Results of this discussion included a list of questions that each of the regional committees was to discuss and provide feedback to the Southern PLC for further refinement and information to directors, administrators, and executive director of ASRED. Results of these discussions will be the basis for future PLC action. The group then adjourned until the 5:00 PLC/Chair/Vice Chair meeting as follows:


Agriculture and Natural Resources

James Hill, South Carolina State University (1890 PLC Representative)
Ross Love, Oklahoma State University (ANR Chair and 1862 PLC Rep)

Communications and Information Technology

Carla Craycraft, University of Kentucky (1862 PLC Representative)
Gloria Mosby, Prairie View A&M University (1890 PLC Representative)
Nina Boston, University of Arkansas (Committee Chair)

Community Development

Rick Maurer, University of Kentucky (PLC Chair) (1862 PLC Representative)
Charles Artis, South Carolina State University (1890 PLC Representative)
Chris Sieverdes, Clemson (Committee Chair)
Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University (Committee Vice-Chair)

Family and Consumer Sciences

Carolyn Nobles, Prairie View A&M University (PLC Vice-Chair) (1890 Rep)
Sarah Anderson, University of Arkansas (1862 PLC Representative)

4-H Youth Development

Charles Cox, Oklahoma State University (1862 PLC Representative)
Sam Felder, South Carolina State University (1890 PLC Representative)
Martha Couch, Texas A&M University (Committee Chair)

Middle Management

Claude Bess, Oklahoma State University (1862 PLC Representative)
Fred Broughton, South Carolina State University (1890 PLC Representative)
Mitch Flinchum, University of Florida (Committee Chair)
Martha Ray Sartor, Mississippi State University (Committee Vice-Chair)

Program and Staff Development

Jerry Whiteside, University of Georgia (1862 PLC Representative)
Michael Newman, Mississippi State University (Committee Chair)


Rosalie Biven (for Jack Bagent), Louisiana State University (1862 Rep)

Lawrence Carter, Florida A&M University (1890 Representative)

Ad Hoc

Ron Brown, ASRED

Bo Beaulieu, Southern Rural Development Center

Bonnie Teater, Southern Rural Development Center

Introductions/History of PLC/Procedures of PLC

Rick Maurer, chair of Southern PLC, welcomed the group and invited all to introduce themselves. He and Bonnie Teater provided an overview of past activities of Southern PLC and reviewed procedures for the PLC. Documents were distributed to those in attendance and can be found on the PLC Website at:

It was noted that all should visit the website. In addition to an overall PLC site, each of the regional committees has a site which includes membership, minutes, multi-state agreements and links to state websites.

Committee Reports

ANR--The committee had a mid-year meeting to discuss items of mutual interest. Also, there are 15 to 17 subcommittees of ANR that function on a multi-state basis. Also noted was a recent regional water conference.

Communications and Information Technology--It was reported that most of the CIT work is accomplished through email. They do maintain a centralized job bank and are facilitating the sharing of digital images.

Community Development--Much of this committee's work is being accomplished on a multi-state basis including the Community Development Institute, Health Institute, Sustainable Development Conference, Business Retention and Expansion, E-Commerce, Non-profit Curriculum Development, etc. This committee meets bi-monthly via conference calls to coordinate regional work.

Family and Consumer Sciences--The committee meets quarterly by conference calls to discuss such things as: new legislation and impact on FCS programs; FNP programs; staff development recruitment and retention. Many of these items will be discussed during this three-day meeting.

4-H Youth Development--In addition to meeting a meeting of other 4-H leaders, this committee meets frequently by conference call. Some of the ongoing issues of 4-H are centennial activities, National 4-H Council, etc. Emerging issues that will require discussion during these meetings are (1) the position of 4-H on sexual orientation and (2) controversial funding sources.

Middle Management--This committee reported on a most successful meeting of all middle managers held in April in Florida. Also, it was reported that much of this meeting would be devoted to professional development presentations.

Program and Staff Development--The committee continues to work on competency-based training. Also, web-based training will be discussed as well as the SELD program which will result in an action item for PLC.

Southern PLC Committee

Committees were reminded of the following items:

  • Evaluation forms will be picked up within committee meetings on Wednesday
  • Some committees are to elect replacements for Southern PLC. Those replacements will need to attend the Wednesday, August 29, meeting at 7:00 a.m.
  • Committee reports are to be submitted no later than September 12 to Bonnie Teater. The report form was distributed which requested the following:

    1. Action/Information Items for Directors/Administrators
    2. Full Minutes sent electronically
    3. Full Committee Membership and other items for website

2002 Southern Region Program Committee Meeting

The annual meeting of the Southern Region Program Committees will be held August 25-28, 2002, in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Sheraton Music City Hotel (Fred Broughton/Carla Craycraft). Other sites mentioned for future years were Louisville/Lexington, Kentucky; Oklahoma City; and Roanoke. These will be considered for future years.