Information Technology Committee
Conference Call
May 13, 2004

Moderator and Secretary: Dwayne Hunter
Howard Beck
Dan Brook
Mike Carl
Rhonda Conlon
Larry Lippke
Don Hamilton
Fred Piazzo
Ken Pruitt
Lalit Rainey
Craig Wood

Update on Plan of Work Activities

  1. Evaluation of web conferencing software - Larry Lippke
    Several folks continue to evaluate products, both as a group and as individuals. An upcoming conference call will provide time to further discuss the products and decide on future direction. These products include Centra Symposium, iLink LearnLinc, Marratech, and Breeze Live.

  2. Content Exchange - Howard Beck
    A web site has been initiated that discusses a number of topics related to data and content exchange standards and methods: Content exchange methods will be important as projects such as CECP and e-Extension continue to mature and require the ability to share and exchange data. This discussion continues to evolve and committee members are encouraged to participate.

"Security" CECP Course - Craig Wood
Individuals from various institutions have agreed to participate in the creation process, including content input, reviewing, evaluation, and assessment. An upcoming conference call between these individuals will establish a framework for moving forward with the course.

1890's Representative to the PLC - Dwayne Hunter
Individuals from the 1890's institutions have been contacted via email inviting their input into the SR-PLN IT Committee. These names were received from Dr. Linda Willis. It is expected that a representative will be elected from this group by the IT Committee at a future meeting.

Update on CECP Activities - Don Hamilton
The CECP Steering Committee is evaluating and creating processes and procedures that would provide a framework for future CECP course development. A presentation should be made at the annual meeting by the Steering Committee regarding these processes. A guidebook for developers and a flagship module showing the system's potential will be created in preparation for the PLN meeting.

Next conference call will be July 9, 8:30-9:30.