Information Technology Committee
Conference Call
March 11, 2004

Moderator and Secretary: Dwayne Hunter
Nina Boston
Rhonda Conlon
Larry Lippke
Craig Wood

SR-PLN Update - Nina Boston
PLC Conference Call was held on January 15. Minutes from the meeting are available online at Next meeting will be held on March 18. Plan of Work Activities Update

    1. Evaluation of web conferencing software - Larry Lippke
      Individuals within the IT Committee have identified a matrix of features that are necessary to the conferencing system. Potential products, including Centra Symposium, LearnLinc, and Marratech, are being evaluated based upon this list. By April 1, various IT heads will be leading the investigation to further evaluate the product, including a "live experience". The evaluation committee will meet in April to discuss and compare these experiences. A formal pricing request will be pursued for the selected products. Rhonda Conlon mentioned that NC State has recently selected Centra Symposium, though it is unknown if or how Extension folks will be participate and use the installation. A recording of the online discussion by the evaluation committee is available at

    2. CECP course "Choosing a Distance Learning Technology" - Nina Boston
      There is continued interest in developing the course. An outline of the course is being developed. Nina is waiting for response from University of Idaho with permission to use their materials as content for the course. Several folks in the southern region have expressed an interest in working on the course. Development should begin soon.
CECP Course Proposal - Craig Wood
A course related to security information has been proposed by Craig Wood. Discussion centered around the process that we should follow for creating a course at CECP-online and the involvement by the CECP Steering Committee. The course appears to fall within the core competencies for the IT Committee and may not have overlap in other committees. The consensus is that a note would be sent from Dwayne Hunter to the IT listserv outlining a desire to create the course and request input from those who would like to participate in and contribute to the process. This participation includes content providers and reviewers. Craig Wood has volunteered to take the lead on delegating the responsibilities for course development and steering the course to completion. Craig will provide progress reports back to the committee. It was stressed that the development of these courses, such as Distance Learning and Security Information, are good opportunities for multi-state collaboration.

1890's PLC Representative for IT - Dwayne Hunter
Discussion followed regarding the list of names for potential participants in the IT Committee from 1890's institutions in the Southern region. Larry Lippke will be forwarding this list to Dwayne Hunter who can send an invitation to the potential participants along with a carbon copy to their administrator.