Information Technology Committee
Februrary 8, 2007
Februrary 8, 2007


Chair: Rhonda Conlon, NCSU
Vice-Chair: Kappie Mumphrey, LSU AgCenter
Secretary: E. Jenell Sargent, TSU
PLC Rep: Nina Boston, Arkansas, Michael Bratcher, NC A&T State University



Dwayne Hunter, Oklahoma State University
Nina Boston, University of Arkansas
Fred Piazza, Louisiana State University
Anne Adrian, Auburn University
Jenell Sargent, Tennessee State University
Larry Lippke, Texas Cooperative Extension
Lalit Rainey, NC A&T State University
Ray Kimsey, NC State University
Rhonda Conlon, NC State University

Agenda Items

I. Roll Call

Agenda has been posted on the PLN wiki.

a. Minutes from October meeting will be posted at:

II. Report from PLC Representatives

PLC conference call - Nina Boston & Michael Bratcher

Nina: Planning meeting for the August conference. Theme for the meeting "Building New Resource Support: Rural and Urban Opportunities". This came from the meeting that was held earlier. Nina needs help to assist with urban development planning. Anyone who knows anyone with experience with program development at the August meeting. Tony Wisdom, Interim Community Development to assist with finding someone perhaps a minority.

Possible: Harvey Sloan; Victor Ash

Rhonda: suggested Cheryl Lloyd, urban programs specialist at NC State University

Nina: Cheryl's name has been mentioned before and has asked Rhonda to assist her with that contact info. No outdoor meetings. IT will be a major player at the conference; training instead of the power point presentation. We will be looking for new opportunities in the urban area. Possibly set up a separate extension type of group to assist with rural and urban programming.


III. Review Plan of Work (POW) - Currently our POW consists of the following items:

1. CECP Modules

•  Information Security (Kappie Mumphrey)

•  Acrobat (John Toman)

John and Kappie were not able to attend, therefore no updates were provided.

Nina: Thanks to Larry Lippke to agree to give the CECP overview at the conference in Louisville. Meeting will start on Monday and the general sessions will start on Tuesday. Breakout sessions to be facilitated by the urban development people. She is agreeing with the group that having Larry to present about this topic will be really helpful.

2. PLN IT and eXtension

A. Report on issues related to CECP transition to eXtension (Larry Lippke and Fred Piazza)

Rhonda & Larry: Update on the survey. CECP steering committee met to discuss the transition for CECP into extension. The idea is that everyone on the SL-PLN would need to name about 3 - 4 people to use eXtension tools. They would be responsible for attending the training. People who would be interested in how to best notify everyone of the eXtension tools. This training will take up the slack where eXtension does not have them.for example they do not have any learning management system modules. The minutes from that meeting is posted on the PLN website. In the process of expediting the learning management system so the survey can be put out as soon as possible. Will be sending out that survey to the designated people hopefully by next week.

Selecting the people who will provide leadership on CECP for the eXtension training. Fred; Anne and Larry will be on the panel for the IT team.

Nina: Ask that Lisa who is the Instructional Designer at Arkansas to be on the panel. From the last PLN conference to hire an Instructional Designer to work with them at Arkansas.

B. Recent eXtension Involvement update (group)

Nina: Attended Kevin Gamble's 30 session on Jabber. Looking at Jabber as the chat program for the Master Gardening Program.
Fred: All-ADEC conference call was the topic of what type of learning management system are they using. Second Life seems to be the one that they are looking at for virtual meetings online and others. Ray: eXtension is also exploring the educational potential of Second Life. Ray has been looking at it for CYFAR and ACE conference sessions.
Fred: LSU is exploring using the Second-Life youth grid for 4-H.
Several: participated in 30 minute sessions 

VI. Disaster Planning survey update (Nina?)

Nina: Anne; Jamie and herself have not looked at it since December. Right now the survey is sitting at 29 questions, which is too many for this purpose. Reiterated that purpose is to assist the extension family with the training skills that they would need for disaster type of projects when the normal IT resources would not be available. Would like feedback from LSU extension agents who were going out doing programs and they did not have the resources. They may be able to help us identify what is missing in our survey.

Anne: She kept thinking that they needed more definitive questions and we need to decide on what is really necessary.

Nina: Will work on this between now and the next conference call.

VII. June meeting in Albuquerque

Rhonda: Possibly meet in Albuquerque. And possibly IT team can meet for breakfast for an informal meeting. 

VIII. Adjourn

Next meeting will be in April 12, 2007. Meeting adjourned at 10:38 EST.