Executive Committee
Charleston, SC
November 30, 2004

Gloria Mosby, Chair of EC, Past PLC Chair, Prairie View A&M University (COM)
Ed Jones, PLC Chair, North Carolina State University (CRD)
Thelma J. Feaster, Elected Representative, North Carolina A&T State University (PSD)
Thelma Sanders-Hunter, Elected Representative, PLC Chair-elect, Tennessee State University (FCS)
Ron Brown, Ex-Officio
Rachel Welborn, Ex-Officio
Larry Turner, ASRED Advisor, University of Kentucky
Shirley Pope, AEA Advisory, Alcorn State University
Gloria Mosby, EC chair, called the meeting to order. This is the first meeting of the Executive Committee this academic year. Our guidelines state that this group is to meet four times a year. Gloria asked the group if we need to contact the National Research Initiative regarding future proposals to determine what needs to be done to increase our chances of acceptance. A discussion followed. Ron Brown suggested, and the group agreed, that PLN needs to volunteer to be proposal reviewers/readers. As soon a Southern region program leader submits a proposal, we need to contact NRI and help in the review process. We need a means of identifying those who plan to submit a proposal. Gloria raised the question about Sentra and whether or not instructions or training is needed prior to our next conference call.

ACTION: Gloria will ask Nina Boston about this during tomorrow's meeting.

Ron Brown raised a question about the Executive Committee membership. He pointed out the EC guidelines and chart on the website. Discussion regarding membership followed. We need to fill in several of the positions vacated in the past year and this should be done at our meeting in August. The 1890 contact is Shirley Pope who could not join us for this meeting.

ACTION: The Executive Committee will meet immediately following the February 24th PLC conference call to resolve the appointment and term issue.

Rachel Welborn will talk to Shirley Pope and make sure she is aware of the call and her membership on the Executive Committee.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 24, 2005 following the PLC conference call.