Executive Committee
Conference Call
May 29 , 2003


Carolyn Nobles, Chair
Lawrence Carter
Bob Fehr
Thelma Sanders Hunter
Ron Brown
Bonnie Teater


Charles Cox
David Foster
Jon Ort
Dalton McAfee

Chairman Nobles welcomed to the group to the first conference call of the group. She reviewed the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee. Bonnie Teater provided a short update regarding the upcoming Southern Region Program Leadership Network meeting scheduled for August 24-29, 2003, in Little Rock.

Revisions of the Operation and Guidelines document were discussed and anyone noting needed changes should get those reported to Ron Brown and Bonnie Teater for further revisions. During the discussions, it was noted that a couple of items needed to be prepared by the Executive Committee that would be helpful to the entire system:

  1. A Procedural Manual. This document would include such information as the role of each program committee member; responsibilities; job descriptions of committee officers, the role of SR-PLC and the rotation process, etc. It was determined that this document needed to prepared prior to any type of orientation of new Program Leaders. An introductory history was also discussed. Carolyn Nobles and Thelma Sanders Hunter will prepare a preliminary draft to share at the upcoming Executive Committee / CECP planning meeting in July.
  2. A Matrix of Dates, Important Information, etc. This spreadsheet would include important dates of meetings (i.e., AEA, ASRED, SR-PLN, etc.), SR-PLN Website address, Southern Region Mailing List, etc. Bonnie Teater and Ron Brown will prepare a draft to share at the upcoming July meeting.