Executive Committee
Atlanta, GA
July 10, 2003

Carolyn Nobles, Chair
Bob Fehr
Charles Cox
Thelma Hunter Sanders
Dave Foster
Joe Zublena (representing Jon Ort)
D'Wayne Robinson (representing Dalton McAfee)
Ron Brown
Bonnie Teater

Operational Guidelines:
Carolyn and Thelma prepared a beginning draft of Operational Guidelines for the PLN. During the discussion, it was determined that guidelines should be written that include the history of the meeting. Also to be included is a glossary of terms. It was suggested that the roles and responsibilities for each level of the organization should be developed. The discussion further encouraged the development of a flow-chart for ease in presentation. It was suggested that a notice be sent to all registrants by mid-August suggesting that they go to the website and review the site.

Matrix of Major Events:
It was determined during the meeting that a matrix may not be as helpful as previously thought and maintenance would be issue. It was decided that more education through other means would be more helpful. Included in this discussion was a recommendation to visit ASRED and AEA websites for meeting information, etc. It was also noted that much of this request was generated by the proposal from the Communications and Information Technology Committee.

Annual Work Plan:
Carolyn Nobles and Bonnie Teater will prepare a draft AWP for group review.

Attendance at Meetings:
After much discussion, the group decided by consensus that action should be taken as specified in the SR-PLN Operation and Guidelines manual to replace individuals who have missed two consecutive meetings (audio and/or face to face). Because of the extreme importance placed upon the various Committees of the SR-PLN and since both AEA and ASRED had adopted the guidelines, it was determined the procedures must be followed. Therefore, a draft letter for removing representatives from the appropriate committee (PLN / EC) will be prepared by Ron Brown and Bonnie Teater. The letter would be sent by the Chair (PLN / EC) to the chair of the appointing Committee (ASRED/AEA) with a carbon copy to the Executive Committee. The PLN-EC Chair will work with the Chairs of the respective group to solicit a replacement.

Emerging Issues:
It was announced that Dr. Anna Mae Kobbe had requested time for a presentation on the "Food and Nutrition Education Program." This request will be discussed in light of the agenda and a recommendation will be submitted to the Executive Committee. (It was later learned that this request had been cancelled).

August Meeting Agenda:
The group decided that in addition to a formal presentation by Carolyn and/or Charles, that the flow chart and AWP document should be shared with all participants.