Executive Committee
Charleston, SC
August 28, 2005

Ed Jones, PLC Chair
Thelma Feaster, Comm/IT/PSD/MM Elected Representative
Gloria Mosby, PLC Past Chair and EC Chair
Shirley Pope, 1890 Advisory
Thelma Sanders-Hunter, FCS/CD/4-H/ANR Elected Representative
Larry Turner, 1862 Advisor
Ex Officio Members:
Ron Brown, ASRED
Rachel Welborn, SRDC EC Chair, Gloria Mosby, called the meeting to order. The Executive Committee membership was discussed. Thelma Feaster and Thelma Sanders-Hunter's terms are expiring this month and new representatives will need to be elected by the appropriate PLC representatives. Paul Coreil's term as the 1862 representative will expire this year as well. ASRED will appoint a new person to fill this position and Dr. Brown will let the group know who is appointed. We are not sure when Noland Williams' position will expire. Rachel Welborn will contact him to determine this.

Gloria began a discussion on PLN attendance. People who are not program leaders are attending this meeting. Do we need make sure directors and administrators understand that this meeting is for the leaders? It was determined that no limit will be placed on the number of individuals from each institution who attend. If a director wants to send more than one person to learn and contribute, that is fine. However, it is important to send the same individuals each year to maintain continuity. Committee chairs must make sure that institutions have one vote each in order to maintain an equal voice.