Executive Committee
Biloxi, MS
August 29, 2004


Paul Coriel, ASRED Representative

Charles Cox, Chair
Thelma Feaster, Elected Representative

Gloria Mosby, PLC Chair
Thelma Sanders-Hunter, Elected Representative

Larry Turner, ASRED Advisor
Linda Willis-Williams, AEA Advisor


Noland Williams, AEA Representative

Ad Hoc Participant:

Rachel Welborn, SRDC

The committee quickly reviewed the PLC meeting, held earlier in the afternoon, and agreed that all committees are on track with the work they need to do. The task forces are progressing.

Action: Rachel Welborn will finalize the PLC conference calls dates and will communicate these to everyone.

Larry Turner asked about the members of the Leadership Task Force. Charles Cox said that the following are members of the task force: Carla Craycraft (KY), David Foster (Retired), Linda Williams-Willis, chair (AEA Advisor), Thelma Feaster (NC), Ed Jones (NC). They will be seeking the assistance of the PSD Committee as well.

The meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.