Executive Committee
Little Rock, AR
August 24, 2003

Paul Coreil, ASRED Appointee, Louisiana State University
Charles Cox, Chair, 4-H, Oklahoma State University
Bob Fehr, CIT, U. of Kentucky
David Foster, ASRED Advisor, Oklahoma State University
Thelma Hunter-Sanders, FCS, Tennessee State University
Carolyn Nobles, Chair, Prairie View A&M University
Ron Brown, ASRED, Ex-Officio
Bonnie Teater, SRDC, Ex-Officio
Lawrence Carter, AEA Advisor, Florida A&M University
Dalton McAfee, AEA Appointee, Alcorn State University
Carolyn Nobles informed the group that Paul Coreil had been appointed as ASRED Appointee replacing Jon Ort who had missed two consecutive meetings. She also reported that she had been in conversation with the AEA Chair to determine replacements for AEA representatives who had missed two consecutive meetings. A draft letter was shared with the group and it was determined that action should be taken to send the letter to the AEA Chair requesting the appointment of replacement members.
PLN Steering Committee for CECP:
It was noted that a PLN Steering Committee would be appointed to provide leadership for CECP activities. Representatives would be appointed from each of the Program Committees and 5 to 6 from the original group would be added to make up the CECP Steering Committee members.

Carolyn thanked the group for their support in this transition period.