Community Development Committee
CRD Leaders - Conference Call
October 29, 2004

Bo Beaulieu, SRDC
Brian Calhoun, Virginia Tech
Emily Shaw, SRDC
Charles Shepphard, Alcorn State University
George Smith, University of Tennessee
Greg Taylor, Texas A&M University
Deborah Tootle, Louisiana State University
Tony Windham, University of Arkansas
Bill Woodrum, West Virginia State University
Mike Woods, Oklahoma State University

Welcome and Introductions

Charles Sheppard called the meeting to order at 9:01 A.M.

Administrative Advisors Report: Drs. Wade and Arrington were unable to join the call.

PLC Report
Drs. Jones and Hughes were unable to join the call. Their comments may be added to the minutes as available.

USDA Report
Sally Maggard was unable to join the call.


Greg Taylor reported the slate of officers for the first election is completed. Voting will begin November 1 and last throughout the month via email and the website.

Organization Update
Mike Woods reported there are 276 paid members for NACDEP. Plans for the February 15-18, 2005 inaugural conference in Las Vegas are proceeding. Early bird registration is available for the conference until November 15, 2005 (

SRDC Update
Bo Beaulieu reported the SRDC Board of Directors will meet in early November. Also, the Technical Advisory Committee will meet. This is the first time these two groups have met jointly. Input is desired on the emerging strategic plan for SRDC for the next 3 to 5 years.

NET 2004 (tourism) has been cancelled and there will be no rescheduling. Plans are currently underway for the 2006 conference to be held in Vermont.

The SRDC policy report on "rural education" will be published soon. Copies of the report will be available. Please let Emily Shaw know if you have a demand for copies. The electronic version will be available on the website in the coming weeks. Also, it was noted that if anyone knows of other research that needs to be highlighted via the Center's policy series, send those ideas as well.

CECP Report
The group discussed the current status of CECP efforts. Bo noted "core teams' need to be thinking about specific products that can be moved forward (with a possible timeline). Also, everyone was encouraged to identify possible IT people that might provide assistance.

Economic Diversity - Mike Woods
Economic Diversity Track (MS Word)

Leadership/Civic Engagement - Brian Calhoun
There first committee meeting will be next week for the first time. Charles suggested Claudette Smith, North Carolina A&T, be added to this work team.

Local Government - Notie Lansford and Charles Sheppard will visit.

Natural Resources - George Smith
Natural Resources CCEP Team (MS Word)

Community Services - No report.

Decision Making Tools - Deborah Tootle
Team: Bo, Glenn Israel, Deborah

This group has a couple of curricula that are close to being ready, and they are reassessing priorities and trying to get IT on board for the design function. More information will be available after next week week's meeting.

Other Business
The "economic diversity" conference scheduled for May 16-20, 2005 in Oklahoma City was noted. Topics will include rural entrepreneurship, marketing, and e-commerce. SAVE THE DATE.

Charles will continue working with AEA for increased 1890 participation.

Next Meeting: January 31, 2005 - 9:00 A.M. CST