Community Development Committee
Conference Call
October 31, 2000

Welcome: Chris Sieverdes welcomed those participating in the call and called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. EST.

Call participants: Chris Sieverdes, Bonnie Teater, Greg Taylor, Rick Maurer, Hank Cothron, Gae Broadwater, and Steve Jones.

Minutes of the previous meeting/call, September 28, 2000: Approved; Hank moved to accept and Greg seconded. Minutes of all meetings are posted in the web site.

CD Institute Follow-up: Bonnie has not heard from any more states; Rick has received feedback from a few. Bonnie will be following up by phone in the next 2 weeks.

These questions were raised:

Several comments were made that in some ways the recent Sustainable Communities conference was an advanced version of the Institute. However, only few past CDI participants attended this conference. Rick suggested that part of the decision to move the location of the Institute is to attract different people.

Texas is interested in "hosting" the Institute next and it seems likely to draw from nearby states such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The decision was made to look at the dates of June 4-8, 2001, and June 18-22, 2001, for an Institute in Texas. A committee was established in San Juan to review curriculum and marketing concerns. (Committee members are Greg Taylor, Joe McGilberry, Chris Sieverdes, Gae Broadwater, plus an Extension middle manager, and an agent.)

Sustainable Communities Conference: Rick reported that is was a working session with representation from multiple programming areas and staff levels. He indicated the response was good and the feedback positive. Some of the outcomes include posting presentations, workshop notes, and resources on the web, as well as the establishment of a listserv/electronic discussion group. Bonnie will send information about the listserv to all of CRD group.

Bonnie noted that many states want to implement asset mapping in their own program areas; also, Bo has adapted the package for youth-focused groups.

Chris asked if the literature is out there to help people understand asset mapping. Rick referred him to the Kretzman-McKnight references.

Several made the comment that "there were lots of big eyes" after the conference.

BR&E: Hank reported that he has a letter to directors/administrators drafted and waiting for final approval. This letter will be soliciting input on programs that one can tie to local economic development programs in an effort to demonstrate So-CRD group's work in BR&E. The BR&E group is looking at this for a certification program. The BR&E program is being restructured with a focus group and panel/agency approach. It was suggested that this BR&E initiative be offered as a specialized CDI training.

The next meeting will be face-to-face in Fort Worth, Texas, January 31, 2000, and perhaps the morning of February 1. Bonnie has secured meeting space at the facility where SAAS is meeting (Radisson?). We will begin meeting at 10:00 a.m. Central Time that Wednesday morning.

PLC Report to Southern Directors: Rick reported that the PLC group voted to meet in Savannah, Georgia, next August 2001. He asked for other information items that should be presented to the Southern Directors/Administrators at the upcoming meeting. The following items will be prepared in a brief paragraph form and presented:

Item: Prepared by:
(a) Mid-year meeting plans Chris
(b) CDI Bonnie
(c) Health Institute Rick
(d) Sustainable Development Conference Rick

As an information item to this group, Steve Jones reported that Ernie Hughes had been in meetings with his staff and representatives from the Audubon Society. They are negotiating the establishment of an environment sustainable communities initiative. It is probably going to be in cooperation with Auburn.

Next Conference Call: November 30, 2000, 10:00 EST/9:00 CST. We will use some of this time to set the agenda for January 31 meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:39 a.m. EST.