Community Development Committee
Conference Call
May 31, 2006

Alan Barefield, SRDC
Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University
Hank Cothran, University of Florida
Jenny Fertig, West Virginia State University
Steve Issacs, University of Kentucky
Dave Lamie, Clemson University
Charles Sheppard, Alcorn State University
Deborah Tootle, Chair, Louisiana State University
Louis Whitesides, South Carolina State University
Stacy McCullen for Tony Windham, University of Arkansas
Mike Woods, Oklahoma State University
Joe Zublena, North Carolina State Extension

Deborah Tootle called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Central.

Review of minutes
Deborah asked the committee did they review minutes and she explained that there were several email problems.

Advisor's Report -- Joe Zublena
Joe asked the committee to define questions or things to relay for the Southern Directors.  They are there to provide guidance to help us.  Joe will feedback on is an element of CSREES wants community development to survive and wants us to shape the national agenda.  Joe will also take the concerns of the CECP modules that most areas are ready to go but with the lack of technical expertise they can't move forward.

CSRESS Report -- Sally Maggard
No report.

Washington, DC Meeting May 23-25 -- Deborah Tootle
The committee members who attended the meetings in Washington, DC gave their outlook of the meeting.  Overall it was a good meeting.  There were concerns on not dealing with the strategic plan and separating 1890 as a separate region. 

Deborah told the committee that Mary Leuci is taking lead on creating a national organization for program leaders.  The national organization will be put on the agenda for San Juan.  The committee will revisit more in San Juan. 

PLN Meeting in August -- Tony Windham
Alan Barefield stated that the website is up but they are having some problems with it. If you can't register on the web then you can fax your registration.   The deadline for reservation is July 31st for the meeting in August.

Deborah asked the committee for agenda items to send to Kathy.  CECP Modules, Plan of Work, Training Activities, eCommerce National Initiative, eXtension Entrepreneurial Project, SRDC Strategic Plan, Certification Process, SRDC report and NADEP report were suggested agenda items.  The committee also suggested meeting with Middle Management; Gae and Steve will take responsibility for putting the information together.  If the committee had any other suggested items, they were to mail them to Deborah.

CECP Modules
Alan talked about the CECP Module on developing a CECP course for the "Ca$hing in on Business Curriculum". FCS specialists developed it a few years ago.  The committee is looking at the actual curriculum and seeing if there is any updating that needs to be done.  They are putting a curriculum online and will leave the curriculum as is.  The online component is a how to guide.  The curriculum will be kept on CD basis and have training manual and supplements online.

Content Outline for Certification Program
Deborah said that the North Central region has a master program and Texas A&M University has some online courses.  Deborah stated that Neal suggested working together on pulling a certification program.

Joe asked for general information on the different CECP modules.  Alan will get each topic, name of team members, and the stage of development of the module to Joe.  Deborah asked the committee to come to the meeting in San Juan with an idea of what in-service trainings that we maybe able to offer. 

NACDEP Updates -- Hank Cothran
Hank announced that the board will hold its 1st mid-year meeting next week.  NACDEP is doing well financially.  NACDEP has between 425-450 members at present.  They are working on next year's conference in Pennsylvania. 

SRDC Strategic Planning -- Alan Barefield
Alan announced that Mark Bradham is working on state success stories and the listing sessions are still going on.  He also told the committee about an online survey for some of the stakeholders to participate in.

Dave asked whether any progress has been made on the extension from Kellogg. Mike wasn't sure.

eXtension Communities of Practice -- Mike Woods
Mike said that eXtension Project focuses on rural entrepreneurship, and it received full funding. The team is divided into two groups.  One group focuses on firms and entrepreneurship.   The other group focuses on communities and the community institutions that can support entrepreneurship.  They are working on re-energizing the group.

The time ran out for the committee to discuss the remaining agenda items.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:25 a.m. Central.