Community Development Committee
Conference Call
May 2001

Members in attendance:

Bonnie Teater (SRDC)
Chris Sieverdes (South Carolina)
Jeff Alwang (Virginia)
Greg Taylor (Texas)
Hank Cothran (Florida)
Harry Strawn (Alabama)
Joe McGilberry (Mississippi)
Warren McCord (Alabama)
Sally Maggard (USDA)
Gae Broadwater (Kentucky)

1. Meeting called to order 10:05.

2. Minutes from last meeting were approved.

3. There was a general discussion of representation on the Southern CD Leaders Team. All of the 1892 schools have representation, as do many of the 1890 schools.

4. Federal Update - Sally Maggard discussed the Base Program Team request for CD ideas for the Orlando Conference in 2002.

5. ECOP update


Community Development Institute - Bonnie reported that the school was filled to capacity. Evaluations were excellent and the students were engaged in the process throughout. Handouts are on the website.
Southern Extension Health Institute - Seven students are currently enrolled. Maximum enrollment is 40. The program will be advertised in the north central region as well. This program is open to agents and specialists.
Workforce Development - Jeff is working on curriculum in this area. SC sent one person to California to a tobacco-worker retraining program. There is a regional conference in Louisville this fall that SRDC is helping with. Virginia is working on a Fund for Rural America grant in this area. (SRDC and several states are cooperating.) Chris noted that there is tobacco money available but that it comes through Legislators rather than the USDA.
Home-based and micro-business - now for sale on CD ROM. Demand is high. The program has added two new chapters.
Three RFPs are out
1. Food Assistance Research
2. Sabbatical Leave Opportunity
3. Senior Fellows Program
A group is working on a regional E-commerce awareness conference for this fall. A part of the focus will be on Agriculture and there is interest from the marketing specialists.

7. Committee Reports

Savannah - we have 12 hours of committee time. Chris suggested that some of what we focus on should be the advanced CDI. Bonnie and Sally talked about the development of a critical mass of CD faculty in each state and proposed programs for training this fall.
BRE - Chris and Hank discussed the focus group approach to BRE that was presented at the BRE International meeting. The goal is to have a general BRE outline on the SRDC web site by fall.
Nonprofit Board Training - Gae and Chris updated the group on their research and efforts to get material on a web site. The goal is to have material available in the fall.
Other - none.

8. Other Business - Sally discussed a pilot project involving Southern SARE and SRDC coordinating agriculture and community development activities. There is $50,000 for southern pilot projects. A RFP will be sent out in the near future. There is a growing emphasis on regional approaches. Joe McGilberry raised the issue of IRB involvement in human subjects. In the future interventions that involve human subjects will be subject to closer scrutiny. Chris suggested that we get an update on this at the Savannah meeting.

9. Meeting adjourned at 10:55. Next meeting will July 31, at 10 a.m. EST.