Community Development Committee
Conference Call
March 13, 2005


Alan Barefield, SRDC and Mississippi State University
Bo Beaulieu, SRDC
Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University
Virgil Culver, Mississippi State University
Ed Jones, North Carolina State University
Rick Maurer, University of Kentucky
Emily Shaw, SRDC
George Smith, University of Tennessee
Greg Taylor, Texas A&M University
Deborah Tootle, Louisiana State University
Tony Windham, University of Arkansas
Bill Woodrum, West Virginia State University
Mike Woods, Oklahoma State University
Joe Zublena, North Carolina State University

Advisors Report

Dr. Zubena opened with comments. He emphasized his role would be as liaison, coach, champion. He noted Directors will meet next week. He gave a brief Federal budget update. He noted eXtension is up and beginning to operate. Looking at the possibility for many small modules.

PLC Update

Ed gave this report. The Charleston meeting was reviewed. Robert Egger will be the keynote speaker. The general session will also focus on eXtension and CECP. The dates are August 28-31, 2005. Ed also noted that the April PLC call will utilize Centra Symposium and noted to the group that we should discuss this possibility in August.

NACDEP Reports

The SRDC noted work is currently underway to find a location for the next meeting. Emily asked for input-are there any conflicts with February 2006? The program committee is also starting to work (Rick Maurer is the conference planning co-chair). The possibility of a regional meeting or regional delegation time during NACDEP was also discussed.

CECP Reports

Alan Barefield sent a report to Ron Brown. The competencies are ready to be posted and shared. The taxonomies are also close to completion. He needs a roster of persons qualified to review modules (including field staff).

We have four courses underway including CARE, asset mapping, environmental stewardship, and Ca$hing in on Business. There are 3 levels of CECP design: conceptual; implementation of the program; and specialized or train the trainer. Most currently have been at the conceptual or basic knowledge level.

SRDC Update

Bo noted the CD Foundation report was sent out to all states. This is a timely document since many states are currently looking at CD opportunities and needs. It is available at:

The survey and assessment from Glenn Israel was noted. Please respond if at all possible. This is critical to document SRDC successes and activity.

The Southern Growth Policy Board conference in June was noted. The whole conference is to be devoted to rural development. Attendance is encouraged.

Bo noted a variety of efforts on-going related to entrepreneurship and e-commerce. Kellogg will fund 6 projects. Regional centers will hold listening sessions to build dialog on entrepreneurship.

The national e-commerce pilot project is moving ahead. Project awards will be announced soon.

RCCI Update

Moving at an accelerated pace. Alan Barefield noted there are a lot of good projects going on.


George Smith noted a new rural development position is available at Tennessee.

Emily asked about anticipated need for a Spanish version of Building Better Rural Places.

Bo noted a WRDC workshop that will occur in May. Details were emailed to the group.