Community Development Committee
Conference Call
March 31, 2004

Virgil Culver, Mississippi State University
Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University
Hank Cothran, University of Florida
Rick Maurer, University of Kentucky
Sally Maggard, CSREES
Larry Arrington, University of Florida
Greg Taylor, Texas A&M University
Evelyn Crayton, Auburn University
Alan Barefield, SRDC and Mississippi State University
Bo Beaulieu, SRDC
Bonnie Teater, SRDC
Emily Shaw, SRDC

May SCDE Conference (Virgil Culver)

  • Lots of the session presenters are not registered yet. Currently there are 41 registrants, and though most of the Southern states are represented, TN is not. There are 56 sessions on the agenda, and all moderators are in place. Putnam's session will be shorter than originally anticipated (1 hour). There is still some discussion regarding what to do with the time left; Virgil and Bonnie will work on the remaining time and may look to the original plan to have short NACDEP and CECP overviews.

  • The Friday General Session is still up in the air; ideas are still being accepted and should be sent in ASAP. Suzanne Morse will let Bonnie know by Friday regarding the possibility of a Thursday lunch session. Emily will send out a list to the group of those registered. Evelyn related that AL would only be sending one person due to agent director training.

  • There will be a CRD program leader meeting at the conference on Wednesday, May 19 at 8 a.m., which means travel into Tampa will need to be the day before.

  • Larry Arrington will check on more agents registering from Florida. The question was raised whether program leaders need to appeal to the states or by to write a letter to Extension directors/administrators. Larry will take this to ASRED in Savannah next week.

  • Virgil thanked Larry for agreeing to make the welcome at the conference. Sally reported that CSREES will give a $5000 grant for the conference to be used for travel and expenses for diversity for the conference such as to agents of underserved populations Bonnie noted that no protocol has been established yet for deciding who these scholarships will be awarded to. As soon as details regarding possible travel scholarships are available, CRD Leaders will be informed. Sally also noted that the conference materials need to mention CSREES as a sponsor.

NACDEP Update (Greg Taylor)
  • The main activity is the national conference (February 2005, leaning towards Las Vegas), followed by continued activities to try and identify potential members and to finalizing due structures. Significant progress has been made since the last teleconference regarding the national conference. The plan is to have the organization formed up by December. Rod Howe and the publicity committee are working on a brochure to be available in May at SCDE. The group is planning on offering inaugural memberships through 2005. Sally reported that the support for publishing this brochure came from CSREES. Greg Taylor, Mike Woods, Bonnie Teater and Charles Shepphard are current members of the NACDEP Transition Team.
Administrative Advisors Report (Larry Arrington)
  • Larry will give a report to ASRED next week in Savannah, and he asked what items to take to them from today (see SRDC Report).
USDA report (Sally Maggard)
  • The North Central CRD leaders will meet in Washington June 14-16 for consultation and someone from the South may have an interest in attending. They plan on spending time on performance indicators, measures, and reporting, state plans of work and how to align with agency plans of work. There will be four to five agency people there to work on performance measures. Luis Luna will convene the panel. There will be selected meetings with partners in town as well as Colien Hefferan and Gary Cunningham and deputies to work on partnership.

  • Bo raised the question of whether or not participation and travel to Washington really pays off. Sally emphasized that plans for the meeting will show concrete outcomes (i.e., state plans of work, measurements, integrating budgets and demands).

SRDC report (Bo Beaulieu)
  • There was a meeting of the Civic Engagement team in Nashville, which involved Suzanne Morse and others. The weeklong training is scheduled for Sept 13-17 and will feature LeadershipPlenty and Public Issues Deliberation. The full program and several presenters are already lined up. The committee needs help advertising this to Extension colleagues. The committee would like to make it a multi-organization training (institutes of governments) to build coordination among agencies to work on common issues.

  • Bo and Bonnie met with a team of four evaluation experts in Atlanta, a meeting that was recommend by the Board and TOAC. The purpose was to answer the question: how to we better document the Center's impact in the region? From this one-day discussion a blueprint has come out on how to document what difference the Center has made; to answer the return on investment question. The evaluators are to serve as an objective 3rd party, and this CRD committee will be asked for some help such as what impact has our training had. The evaluation team who met were Scott Cummings, TX, Glenn Israel, FL, Matt Lelle, MI, and Nancy Ellen Kiernen, Penn State. Glenn Israel has agreed to prepare the evaluation based on the evaluation team's input with a new rural sociologist at Penn State who is moving in May to Florida.

  • Business Skills/Econ Dev track-see Regional Training Reports below

  • SRDC Bullets/Facts at a Glance: There was a meeting of the four Centers w/ Board members and Linda Kay Benning and Sally to find a way need to provide sophisticated impact to show why we need restored funding (due to the 10% budget cut). It was decided that the Centers needed to develop "talking points" of our impacts and then to develop these in more detail with stories. We need to get to Linda Kay Benning to get to blue ribbon committee. Jack Payne, ECOP Budget Committee, said that the legislature might cut/delete programs if don't hear backlash from budget cut, so need to show/articulate our legislative leaders why we value the Center and want them to be continually supported. We need to figure out what you are willing to do to as a committee to relate what the Center does for you. Sally said there is only a narrow wedge that people will have to bring budgets forward. Bo told of the importance of having "hard" information. We need members to pass along the information to us (example: Rick's Asset Mapping story). We need directors to hear of the Center's work so they know what value the Center holds to them/their operation. Larry pointed out that new people in region need to be targeted with proactive information in order to make it "real" to their work with "down home stories."

  • Lou Swanson and Bo visited with the 1890 Research Directors and 1862 Experiment Station Directors and gave a presentation about the new RSS book "Challenges for Rural America in the Twenty-First Century." Bo talked to the group about what issues in the book apply to the South. He felt there was a positive response from the Research Directors, though they offered a challenge: they want him to come back with a blueprint for how to effectively address greater research investments; need help from grassroots and Extension side. Next week, Bo will be meeting with the 1862 Extension Directors and in the summer with the 1890 Extension Administrators.

RCCI update (Alan Barefield)
  • The RCCI Management Team met in Washington with Priscilla Salant to evaluate the RCCI program. There was a positive report, though concern was given regarding the degree to which we wanted to expand. This concern led to us adding only 2 schools this next round: one in FL and one in the MS River Delta in LA. The team is currently in the process of redoing the proposal to Ford and will resubmit it with the smaller expansion included.
PLC report - No report

Regional Training Reports
  • Economic Development (Alan Barefield)
    This training will be held in Spring 2005. The committee (Alan Barefield, Mike Woods, Virgil Culver, John McKissick, Ernie Hughes) is getting the agenda together. The agenda will start off w/ entrepreneurship and wind up with e-commerce but the middle is not filled yet (maybe marketing component). It will showcase the big picture behind economic diversity, web-based courses, new BR&E stuff, in person conferences, self taught CDs. A proposed training will be presented at the upcoming CRD Leaders Meeting in Tampa.

  • NET2004 Update (Hank Cothran)
    This conference will be held September 27-30 in Kissimmee, FL. There are 46 presentations and 15-20 posters; the formal agenda will be coming soon and registration will be opened up soon.

  • CECP update (Alan Barefield)
    Alan sent an email to the group with attachments containing the taxonomies for economic diversification and the subcomponent E-Commerce that Kathy Ibendahl worked on. Alan asked that the group send any comments and/or suggestions to Alan or Kathy. The core competencies are still being developed. The Extension Directors in Phoenix taxed themselves for e-Extension. Larry told about the 0.8% Smith Lever 3d and c funding and that a formal vote is still to come. The plan remains to fold CECP into E-Extension. Faculty in the South need to think about how to develop these materials. Bo told the group that the E-Commerce program is trying to move forward and put into CECP and hopes to develop a competitive grants program for teams