Community Development Committee
Conference Call
March 29, 2002
  1. Called to order 10:00 a.m. EST

    Minutes were read and approved.
    Moved by Sandy. Seconded by Gregg

    Bo Beaulieu, Southern Rural Development Center
    Bonnie Teater, Southern Rural Development Center
    Sandy Dooley, Louisiana State University
    Deborah Tootle, Louisiana State University
    Harry Strawn, Auburn University
    Greg Taylor, Texas A&M University
    Sally Maggard, United States Department of Agriculture
    Fen Hunt, United States Department of Agriculture
    Hank Cothran, University of Florida
    Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University
    Mike Woods, Ohio State University
    Virgil Culver, Mississippi State University
    Chris Sieverdes, Clemson University

    Federal update (Sally Maggard)
    • She discussed electronic communications problems. For the time being, it might be a good idea to fax communications as well as sending email (fax 202-690-2975).There is a Natural Resources & Environment program in Naples in June 2-- 5. Is any one from CRD attending? She encouraged CRD to find people who might want to attend.Fen Hunt discussed her role in USDA and the need to coordinate between natural resources and community development.Jim Terry is moving to become Program Leader in Workforce Preparation (telephone 202-205-2885) - email has given the green light to SRDC conference on rural education.Homeland security - where is the money to go? How is it to be managed? So far, there is no money being directed toward CRD to build strong communities.Greg Taylor reported that there might be some potential for funding through FEMA (engineering).
    • There was a brief discussion on the Washington visit June 13 and 14. This visit is to include multiple regional PLC groups. The agenda is still being developed and needs our input.
    SRDC update (Bo Beaulieu)
    • Ford Foundation grant still being worked on. Approval of grant proposal is set for June 28. Some of these funds will be used to provide for an assistant director position.Bo is meeting with the Extension Directors in San Antonio in about 2 weeks. He will be presenting an update on the modules at that meeting. If you have training modules scheduled for this year, get descriptions to Bo ASAP.Mike Woods and Bo reviewed a West Virginia module on rural tourism. SRDC will offer that web-based course in the spring of 2003.Bo mentioned that federal funds for research and extension have been consolidated into integrated activities. Funding will flow to the RDCs using this funding line.Sally reported that regional RDCs are the model for funding integrated activities and that RDCs will be line item funded in the budget.ECommerce legislation is in conference.Latinos in the south conference scheduled for April 18 and 19. Attendance is by invitation at the current time, but if you want to attend, call Bonnie.
    • Rural education conference being developed for the fall.

    Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.