Community Development Committee
Conference Call
January 31, 2007

Attending were:

Ntam Baharanyi, Tuskegee University
Alan Barefield, SRDC/Mississippi State University
Bo Beaulieu, SRDC
Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University
Brian Calhoun, Virginia Tech
Hank Cothran, University of Florida
Sally Maggard, CSREES
Emily Shaw, SRDC
Greg Taylor, Texas Cooperative Extension
Sandra Harris Thompson, Florida A&M University
Louis Whitesides, South Carolina State University
Tony Windham, University of Arkansas
Mike Woods, Oklahoma State University
Joe Zuplena, North Carolina State University

The chair, Mike Woods, welcomed everyone to the call.

Advisor's Update - Joe Zuplena

Dr. Zuplena had no specific items from the directors to report. He shared that he would be meeting next week with the directors and hopes to bring forth items following that meeting. Funding is the major focus of the meeting. Continuing resolution- problem with no inclusion of earmarks. Earmarks will be folded into existing programs.

CSREES Update - Sally Maggard

Sally reported that James Wade and the ECOP staff have created a master calendar for Extension. Conference calls, regional trainings, etc. can be posted to the calendar. Glen Whipple is Chair of ECOP. Glen's goals include looking at professional development for the Extension system in basic skills and develop a comprehensive listing of where training can be secured. CRD programs surfaced as source of training for many skills; they want to tap into CRD group to provide training. Also, Ralph Otto is now the number two person in the agency and will be meeting with three of the RRDC Directors for an update on Center activities.

PLC Update - Tony Windham

The theme for the August PLN meeting is, "Building New Resource Support.Rural and Urban Opportunities." Help is needed from the group to identify a speaker in the urban programming area. Perhaps a mayor of a city or other person that has done innovative work as keynote, keeping in mind diversity. Alan Barefield suggested the former Knoxville, TN, mayor.

PLN Website Update - Emily Shaw

The PLN website is getting a facelift to reflect the new logo:

CECP Update - Alan Barefield

Alan reminded the group that the watershed management course submitted for CECP by George Smith is currently under review by Mike Sholam at Oklahoma State. The review should be complete in approximately two months. Alan added that once the learning management system is in place with eXtension, CECP will be incorporated. A decision point for CRD is who can commit to this effort. This person will be responsible for forming a national team to keep up to date, etc.

NACDEP Update - Gae Broadwater

There are currently 236 people registered for the April conference. The National CRED group will be meeting on Thursday and Friday following NACDEP. Program leaders were reminded to register for the State Program Leaders portion also.

Hank reported that the SRDC still has $5,000 for the strategic plan. Nothing has been done with the money, but it has been asked that the money be carried over. There is concern over NACDEP and PLN both thinking it is their job to do the strategic plan. Decision needs to be made regarding who will complete it.

The regional meetings are scheduled for Tuesday the 17th from 5:30-7 p.m. This group, the Southern CRD leaders, will meet Tuesday from 3-5 p.m.

SRDC Update - Bo Beaulieu

Bo reported that the 2006 Annual Report has now been distributed. He asked all program leaders to share with faculty and other relevant parties.

The Bonnie Teater Award has now been released. Bo encouraged everyone to nominate deserving individuals.

The Call for E-Commerce Pre-Proposals has been distributed. The deadline for these two-page pre-proposals is March 15. Bo requested help in getting the word out.

The SRDC will be hosting a national e-commerce training, "E-Commerce Strategies for Small Businesses and Communities," in Nebraska June 4-6. Registration will be limited to 50 people and will reveal nine curriculums. Some schloaraships will be available to pay registration and on-site related expenses.

Bo let everyone know that there are two upcoming papers the Center will be releasing: a report on the Entrepreneurship Listening Sessions in the South (a draft can be viewed here) in time to release it at NACDEP and a report about the RIDGE program that is conducted with ERS.

Earmark Funding FYI: Have earmarked funds around $2 million including e-commerce. Will have approximately 2 years of funding while looking for alternative sources.

The Center's strategic plan is continuing. Bo hopes to have the document(s) to showcase plan available this spring.

The Latino SERA group continues to grow, and people will continually be invited to become involved.

RCCI Update - Alan Barefield

The RCCI funding is coming to an end. The Center is submitting a proposal to the Rural Community College Alliance to act as executive director and help them continue and grow.

eXtension Entrepreneurship CoP Update - Bo Beaulieu

The SRDC-led team is developing FAQs to have ready prior to NACDEP. The group received funding for year 2.

Next Call

The next conference call is scheduled for Friday, March 30 at 9 am Central.