Community Development Committee
Conference Call
January 31, 2002

Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University
Rick Maurer, University of Kentucky
Alan Barefield, University of Tennessee
Deborah Tootle, Louisiana State University
Sally Maggard, United States Department of Agriculture
Mike Woods, Ohio State University
Chris Sieverdes, Clemson University
Harry Strawn, Auburn University
Larry Arrington, University of Florida
Bonnie Teater, Southern Rural Development Center
Bo Beaulieu, Southern Rural Development Center

Minutes of November 30, 2001 meeting were approved as written.

Federal update (Sally Maggard) - Restructuring of CSREES (USDA)

Extension Committee on Policy update (Rick Maurer)

Bonnie Teater made the suggestion that new ECS Deputy Administrator, Alma Hobbs, be invited to the Community Development Committee Meeting in Orlando on Sunday, February 24 at 1:00 p.m.

Sally Maggard - The Regional Rural Development Centers and the specialists and researchers working with those centers need to develop closer working relationships. The Southern Center and its faculty especially needs to work with the Northeastern and Western Centers to help them organize committees such as this one.

The Cooperative Extension Curricula Project is being pulled together by Ron Brown. Questions include:

If there is interest in developing programs to address the needs of Spanish speaking clientele, contact Gae Broadwater at Kentucky State University or Nyda Torres at the University of Florida.

SARE/SRDC Community Innovation Grant Program (Bo Beaulieu)

Chris Sieverdes - There is a need to pull together an agribusiness curricula.

KY/TN Institute for Sustainable Development (Rick Maurer and Alan Barefield)

SRDC - (Bo Beaulieu)

Meeting adjourned.