Community Development Committee
Breakfast Meeting - San Antonio, TX
February 14, 2006

Southern Region Meeting - We discussed the upcoming regional meeting so that we could give Cynthia Pilcher (Southern Regional Representative) some feedback on how she might organize the meeting. Some suggestions for Cynthia included:

National PLN Meeting in May - The North Central group wants us to work with them in providing Sally Maggard some items for an agenda. The Southern PLN was mostly concerned about (1) developing a universal strategy for program evaluation, and (2) developing a stronger voice in DC.

MarketMaker at University of Illinois Extension - MarketMaker is an interactive web site that links food producers, distributors, buyers, sellers and consumers. They have a good representation in the north central states but would like some southern states to join in as well. Anyone interested in participating can contact Sandy Shetler at

Meeting adjourned.