Community Development Committee
February 2000
February 2000

Members Present:

  Ed Jones Debra Tootle
  Sally Maggard Joe McGilberry
  Clark Garland Chris Sieverdes
  Bo Beaulieu Bonnie Teater
  Greg Taylor Harry Strawn
  Charles Artis Warren McCord

1. Bo Beaulieu reported on the status of the Community Development Institute scheduled for Canton, Mississippi on June 12-16, 2000. Brochures were mailed from the SRDC to all states in the region. The schedule is set.

2. The SRDC website has been prepared with some parts under construction. Bo and Bonnie solicited feedback regarding the website. Want to identify related sources and related links in different states and program areas. The PLC website is under construction.

3. The Building Quality Communities Conference (BQC) which was also identified as the Sustainable Development conference a year earlier is still in development. The Audubon International, Inc. (Ron Dodson) was suggested as a possible partner and source for conference speakers. This conference will address sustainable development principles and seek a "seamless" web between research and extension. Possible issues include horticulture, sustainable golf courses, and environmental and economic development interface. Total Living Communities (TLC) in Mississippi offers a sample of what could be addressed in the conference. A March 20-21 meeting is scheduled by the BQC planning committee.

4. The Extension Service (USDA) Base Program Teams meet in San Antonio, TX on March 29-31, 2000 to engage in strategic planning.

5. The theme for the Joint Southern Region Extension Program Leaders' meeting is Driving 2000. The date is August 27-30, 2000 in Puerto Rico. The CRD Leaders Committee will discuss the following:

A. Extension Associates - 1 hour
B. Update from Federal and Regional Partners - 1 hour
C. Strategic Planning - Programs, Events, Conferences - 1 hour
D. Regional Positions - 1 hour
E. Student Involvement - Service-Learning Practicum - 1 hour
F. Electronic Commerce - E-Commerce - 1 hour
G. Collaborative Meeting with Youth Development Leaders -
      National 4-H Council - 1 hour
H. Collaborative Meeting with ANR Leaders -
      SARE - 1 hour

6. Report regarding the Mississippi Partnership - Extension is cooperating with community development efforts throughout the campus at Mississippi State University.

7. Notice regarding the Community Design Team in West Virginia. Scott Loveridge is the coordinator of the extension project.

8. The minutes of these meetings will appear on the SRDC Website. Secretary of the committee should send minutes to Bonnie Teater for posting on the website.

9. The CD Committee seeks to update the committee roster regarding names, addresses, and electronic contact points. The Southern Region has 29 Land-Grant universities. Representation from the state of Florida and Virginia is needed.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Sieverdes, Secretary