Community Development Committee
August 29-31, 2005 - Charleston, SC
August 29, 2005

Alan Barfield, SRDC
Bo Beaulieu, SRDC
Gae Broadwater, Kentucky State University
Brian Calhoun, Virginia Tech
Hank Cothran, University of Florida
Virgil Culver, Mississippi State University
Albert Essel, Virginia State University
Jenny Fertig, West Virginia State University
Sandra Harris, Florida A&M University
Steve Isaacs, University of Kentucky
Ed Jones, North Carolina State University
Rosalie Lane, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama A&M University
Willie Larkin, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University
John McKissick, University of Georgia
Bill Molnar, Clemson University
Maria Rodriguez, University of Puerto Rico
Emily Shaw, SRDC
Charles Shepphard, Chair, Alcorn State University
George Smith, University of Tennessee
Greg Taylor, Texas A&M University
Deborah Tootle, Vice-Chair, Louisiana State University
Alfred Wade, Advisor, Prairie View A&M University
Louis Whitesides, South Carolina State University
Tony Windham, University of Arkansas
Mike Woods, Secretary, Oklahoma State University
Joe Zublena, Advisor, North Carolina State Extension

Lawrence Carter, Florida A&M University
Mary Gray-USDA/CSREES-Washington DC
Shirley Pope, Alcorn State University
Ed Smith, Texas A&M University
Larry Turner, University of Kentucky
Steve Turner, Mississippi State University

Welcome and Introductions

Meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m.

Charles Sheppard welcomed everyone and asked for self introductions.

Letter of Appreciation to Past Members

Charles led the discussion on a letter of appreciation to past members. Rick Maurer was one past member identified. Ernie Hughes was another member. If you know of anyone else, please contact Mike Woods.


PLC Update - Ed Jones
Ed noted there is a need to select representation for PLC from the CD group.

NACDEP Update - Deborah Tootle and Hank Cothran
Currently, there are over 500 members. The next conference is February 13-16, 2006 in San Antonio, Texas. Proposal deadlines are September 10, 2006 for the San Antonio Conference. Discussion on nominations for next year's officers occurred.

Hank noted we need to consider by-law changes to allow creation of state chapters. Hank also raised the need to consider holding a regional NACDEP meeting in 2008. The group supported the concept of encouraging the formation of state chapters.

Annual Plan of Work Update
Emily Shaw reminded the group we will need to review the plan and add any additional items deemed necessary.

Appointment of Nomination Subcommittees

PLC Members: Deborah Tootle, Bo Beaulieu, Albert Essel, George Smith, Ed Jones

NACDEP Members: Bill Molnar, Willie Larkin, Rosalie Lane, Greg Taylor

Bonnie Teater CD Educator of the Year Award

Last year, Bonnie received the initial award. Discussion has focused on announcing the award at NACDEP meetings. Guidelines could focus on lifetime achievement and/or a significant one-time contribution.

Items of interest included regional focus, lifetime achievement, minimum years of service, guidelines for nomination, required nomination package, and screening/selection committee.

Hank Cothran, Rosalie Lane, and Mike Woods will work on the guidelines. Draft work will be completed by October 1. TOAC will be involved in reviewing nominations.

State Updates

Each state provided a verbal report. By the end of September, each state is asked to submit a written report to Emily Shaw. Those reports that have been received are linked below.

North Carolina
Puerto Rico
South Carolina
West Virginia


August 30, 2005

PLC Nominations

  • 1862 Rep. -- Tony Windham (3 year term)
  • 1890 Rep. -- Gae Broadwater (2 year term replacing Ernie Hughes)
  • CECP Rep. -- Alan Barefield (3 year term)
  • CRD Secretary -- Louis Whitesides

Trip to Washington D.C.

Discussed the possibility of selecting a time for all CRD Leaders to travel to Washington D.C. This will be coordinated with Sally Maggard. A trip in spring 2006 was discussed. The group expressed interest in the trip and indicated a proactive agenda should be developed. Steve Isaacs will work with Bo Beaulieu on this project.

Community Development Certification

Deborah Tootle led the discussion on a possible certification process. Certification efforts and training efforts in LA and TX were discussed, and the following documents were presented for discussion:

A committee was formed including Deborah Tootle, Alan Barfield, Sandra Harris, Greg Taylor and Bo Beaulieu. They will work on a draft plan and document.

Cooperative Extension Curriculum Project (CECP)

Alan Barefield gave an update.

The CECP subcommittees and chairs are:

  • Economic Diversity - Mike Woods
  • Natural Resources - George Smith
  • Leadership and Civic Engagement - Brian Calhoun
  • Decision Making - Deborah Tootle
  • Community Services - Ed Jones

CECP Review
1. Subject Matter Review
2. Learning Criteria (Communications, instructional design)

Current Efforts with CECP:

  • Watershed Management - George Smith
  • CARE - Mike Woods
  • E-Commerce - Rae Montgomery
  • Asset Mapping - Deborah Tootle/Bo Beaulieu
  • HBB-Cashing In On Business - Alan Barefield
  • Strategic Planning/Balanced Score Card - James Barnes
  • EDEN - Ed Jones

To access the CECP campus or courses, visit

To access the competencies, guidebook, review process document and rubric, or the steering committee membership list, visit

Needed Training in CECP:
Growth Management

Action Items for PLC

1. Instructional Design and Instructional technology assistance for (4) CECP Curriculum developed.

Information Items:
2. The SRDC, in cooperation with regional Extension faculty, is planning to hold another CDI Regional Training in 2006.
3. The CD Program Committee is in the process of developing a long-term strategy for county, area, and state-based Extension faculty.

Advisors' Reports

1890 Administrator Update

Lawrence Carter gave the report for Alfred Wade. A new rural business program was described. Efforts to establish CDC's was also emphasized.

1862 Administrators Update

Joe Zublena reported on items being discussed by Southern Directors. The Directors are interested in common programs across the system. This is an opportunity for the Southern Region Community Development Educator Certification Program. Some method of benchmarking for Extension also holds great interest. Paul Warner, KY, and Ed Smith, TX, are working on this. A regional team, Economic Impact Workgroup led by Dean McCorkle in TX, is looking at common methods of measuring economic impact and protocols that can be shared among states. eXtension Communities of Practice were also emphasized.

SRDC Update

Entrepreneurship Listening Sessions

Bo Beaulieu reported on the Entrepreneurship Listening Sessions, which are being held:

  • Texas-San Marcos September 27
  • Texas-Grandbury September 29
  • South Carolina-Clemson October 14
  • Oklahoma-Norman October 19
  • Arkansas-Pine Bluff October 24
  • Florida-Quincy October 26
  • Kentucky-Pikeville November 8
  • Mississippi-Meridian November 16

An Extension proposal on entrepreneurship was submitted by the regional centers. Bo Beaulieu gave an overview of the proposal focus.

SRDC Website

Emily and Bo asked for any input or suggestions for website modification.


Mike Woods gave a report on the currently funded projects related to the national initiative and the planned "round two" RFP.

Strategic Planning Initiative

The SRDC will launch a new strategic planning phase. The SRDC is considering asking each state to consider holding a listening session related to rural development. Greg Taylor noted USDA-RD may be holding listening sessions in each state.


Ed Jones reported on the Extension Disaster Education Network. The DHS has developed a guide, Ready Business, to help small business with disaster preparedness.


Alan Barefield gave an update on the project. There are several success stories within the project.

August 31, 2005

Deborah Tootle, incoming chair, opened the discussion.

The group agreed to nominate for NACDEP:

  • President Elect-Ed Jones
  • Secretary-Deborah Tootle
  • Treasurer-Hank Cothren
  • 1862 Rep-Cynthia Pilcher
  • 1890 Rep-Gae Broadwater

Enterprise courses on line-Alan Barefield gave a report.

CECP Reviews-Each program area will provide reviews.

Annual Plan of Work-Due October 1, 2005.

A committee will develop a CRD review process for CECP. The committee includes Emily Shaw, Charles Sheppard, Willy Larkin, Deborah Tootle, and Alan Barefield.

Conference Calls-9:00 a.m. Central Time-662-325-8448

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