COM- October 2007
October 17, 2007

Attending :

Elizabeth Gregory
Haven Miller
Garvin Quinn
Debbie Archer
Tom Knecht
Gloria Mosby
Liz Mosely
Carol Whatley
Ashley Wood
Frankie Gould
Debbie Dalhouse.


Committee chair Dee Shore called phone conference meeting to order and asked if anyone had changes to the minutes of the August 27 meeting in Louisville . Hearing no request for changes, Tom moved to approve minutes, Haven seconded. Minutes approved.

Guidelines for Charges, Royalties, Permissions

Carol said document was developed over several months and that purpose was kept broad to allow flexibility. Suggestion made that committee approve document in principle and if anyone has concerns they could e-mail Frankie and rest of committee.

Tom asked if intention was for committee to put forward the document as a recommendation to extension directors. Carol said intent was for extension directors to consider and to recognize that our committee agrees with principles. Frankie said she could not support it without her university's intellectual property office reviewing it. Tom said the document had a better chance of success if submitted as a model that acknowledges certain parts would not apply to all states.

Carol said document would be useful in her state because it would indicate to administrators what agriculture communication units at other states are doing. She said if the committee submitted it as an overview but acknowledged some things are handled differently at some universities then it might encourage directors to begin discussion.

Frankie said the document could be a boilerplate or template to use with each of our own state standards or regulations and allow each state to incorporate its own specifics regarding intellectual property.

Carol said if committee was willing to keep process going forward then she would like to continue. Tom suggested continuing provided intent is not to have the document adopted across the region as every state's doctrine. Carol said if the document simply recognizes what other states are doing that would meet the need. She will re-send document for committee members to suggest changes in Microsoft Word. Deadline for returning document to Carol with suggested revisions is January.

Plan of Work: CECP Modules

Disaster Communications : Haven said January review date is the goal and he hopes to have draft by December to share with Ashley and Frankie.

Exhibit Design & Production: Ashley will discuss with Frankie, review date pending.

Rules for Writing : Debbie Archer said review date of August 2008 is okay.

Digital Photography : Checking on status.

Media Relations : Module in development, Garvin and Tom said they will contact Suzanne Steel, Faith Peppers & Pam Kan-Rice (Media Relations Made Easy) to determine if data needs updating and to seek permission to use the materials in an eXtension course rather than the CECP course for which permission was originally granted.

Update on ECOP Marketing & Communication Task Force

Frankie and Elizabeth serve on the ECOP Marketing & Communication Task Force. They reported that funding request for the market & brands research (mentioned at Louisville meeting) was approved by the ECOP board. The request will be part of budget vote at NASULGC in New York City in November.

Frankie said board also looked at ESCOP request. ECOP request only asked for money that already exists in the NASULGC budget, whereas ESCOP request looked at money that would be allocated from states. ESCOP is trying to target federal partners whereas the ECOP survey is a brand marketing research survey to get an idea of who we are in the mind of the public. Frankie says the requests are two different things and that the recent board vote is only the start of the process. All requests will be voted on at NASULGC meeting.

Meeting adjourned.