Communications Committee
Conference Call
October 19, 2005

Bob Reynolds called the telephone meeting to order at 3 p.m.

Don Stotts
Debbie Archer
Dee Shore
Ashley Wood
Terry Meisenbach, representing eXtensionBob indicated that secretary Anne Young would not be able to attend the meeting and asked for volunteers to help record the minutes. Dee Shore offered to take minutes, and Bob indicated that he would take notes as well.

Plan of Work

Garvin Quinn reported on the 2004-05 Plan of Work, available on the SR-PLN Web site at The accountability/impact statement module that Sharon Omahan planned to work on was cancelled because another committee developed a module on the same topic. Frankie Gould has indicated that she will review that group's module, and Bob said he would contact Anne Young.The committee discussed the 2005-06 Plan of Work. The following new CCEP modules were proposed at the Charleston meeting:

  • Writing for the Web: No state or individual has volunteered to lead this.

    Disaster Communication: Haven Miller

    Exhibit Design and Production: Ashley Wood, Frankie Gould and someone from Texas

    Distance Education: Garvin has been in contact with Ricky Telg about an excellent CD on distance education, and Telg has indicated that he does not see any problems with sharing it via CCEP.

    Basic Digital Photography: Karla Craycraft

    Rules for Writing: Bob Reynolds and Angela Boykin.

  • Basic Photography: Tom Knecht, Bob Reynolds and Frankie Gould.

It was suggested that the "Basic Digital Photography" and "Photography" modules be merged. Bob indicated that the committee also needs to proceed with evaluating modules that have been developed. The copyright module is ready for evaluation, and the writing for the local media module is ready or very close to being ready. Garvin Quinn and Bob Reynolds indicated that they would be willing to review the modules. Bob and Frankie will review the newsletters module developed by Florida; someone in that state is considering another software program for making that module available because the current CCEP software isn't sufficient. The Media Relations module will be added to the list for this year. Tom Knecht has been negotiating with the group that developed the ACE Media Relations Made Easy module. In addition to work on CCEP modules, Bob will include in the Plan of Work the development of a SR-PLN logo, as requested by the PLC, and our audio conference meetings: Oct. 19, Feb. 15, April 19, June 14 and July 19. All meetings will be at 2 p.m. Central time.


Artists from North Carolina and Arkansas submitted several concepts for the SR-PLN, and Bob and Dee put those on the Web for the committee to review. The committee selected four to be sent to Gloria Mosby to present to the PLC.


Terry Meisenbach gave an update on eXtension. He indicated that a communications and marketing advisory committee had been formed; the committee has members from across the nation, including Elizabeth Gregory, Tom Knecht, Ashley Wood and Gloria Mosby from the South. The committee met Oct. 5 and was in the process of developing a communications implementation plan to help spread information about eXtension. Terry also reported that 8 pioneering communities of practice had been named following two rounds of review, and the plan is for those communities to have a Web presence within a year. States were asked to submit branding information by Sept. 30, and a project to identify frequently asked questions is under way. The submission process has been slow.Bob said that Terry would have a spot on the agenda during each of the committee's 2005-06 meetings to provide eXtension updates.

PLC telephone conference

Garvin said that Frankie was unable to attend a PLC audio conference on October 20, and Bob asked if anyone on the call could plan to attend that meeting. However, no one was available.