Communications Committee
Conference Call
October 2003

The Communications team discussed the following items during its 2:30 p.m. breakout session:

The Communications team developed a list of possible modules for CECP:
Media Relations
Marketing and Public Relations Communications
Intellectual Property and Legal Issues
Risk and Crisis Communications
Educational Media Development
Basic Writing
Diversity in Content and Illustration
News Writing
Interpersonal Communication

The team agreed to submit two new modules to the CECP online site in the next year:

Newsletters and Crisis Communications.

Assignment were made for developing and reviewing Communications:

Media Relations: Craig Woods and Princess Gordon-Patton will review the Media Relations module to determine ways to enhance it (add clips). Craig will suggest ways to move the module from a PowerPoint presentation to an interactive module.

Debbie Archer and Kizzy Payton will review the PowerPoint Presentations module.

Ashley Wood volunteered to work on a module for newsletters.

Frankie Gould and Linda Benedict will work together to develop a Crisis Communications module.

The Committee reviewed the Core Competencies. Tom Knecht compiled the list. He will e-mail the final list to the team.

Frankie Gould will e-mail the group on where to find templates for impact statements.

Charles Cox responded to an invitation from the team to talk to us about the expectations of theCECP steering committee. He discussed the time commitment, duties and costs that might be incurred in developing modules.

Ron Brown was on hand as well. He said the steering committee would meet electronically but would have at least one face-to-face meeting. Each program committee is expected to send one representative, but the team could nominate an additional person who is not a program leader. Ellen Ritter and Frankie Gould volunteered to share responsibilities as the Communications representatives to the CECP steering committee.

The team discussed the possibility of purchasing modules that already exist rather than reinventing the wheel. Tom Knecht, who is presently chair of ACE, will explore the possibility of getting ACE to give its Media Relations module to CECP. Frankie Gould, who is on the development team, said ACE produced the module to sell. The ACE Media Relations Conference will meet in New Orleans Sept. 27-Oct. 1. Tom will talk with ACE between now and the conference and will report back.

The team voted on open positions: Gloria Mosby will remain the 1890 representative to the PLC; Garvin Quinn of UT Knoxville was voted incoming secretary.

The team will meet again by phone on Oct. 14 to make reports on modules and to hear Tom's report on the ACE media relations module. Carla Craycraft will call Bonnie Teater to set up the meeting.