Communications Committee
Conference Call
March 9, 2005

Garvin Quinn, chair, called the teleconference to order at 2 p.m. CST.

Garvin Quinn
Debbie Archer
Bob Reynolds
Ashley Wood
Don Stotts
Dee Shore
Fran Wolak
Haven Miller
Tom Knecht

Status of CECP Modules Being Developed
Newsletters - Ashley Wood - He doesn't know if the newsletter group will have anything posted by summer, but he intends to continue with the writing. He will ask their technical people to review the CECP module training again before it can be put online. He will involve Ron Thomas, their instructional designer, in the design process. Bob Reynolds asked if Ashley is including both design and writing of newsletters in the module. Ashley said they are including both, but that there is not a lot on writing. They are covering what makes for good writing of a newsletter, such as short and concise articles and some advice on writing. The module will refer users to other CECP modules, such as the one on media relations writing. The module is not being designed to train people to be better writers. It will offer tips as to what kind of writing works best in a newsletter and deal more with the design and other elements (what it takes to put a newsletter together, how many people need to be involved, the different formats of newsletters, typefaces, format, electronic vs. print, those kinds of things).
Question from Bob - Can you link using the current CECP format?Ashley - It is something that should be done. So, certainly we should look into the possibility of being able to link. We should be able to put hotlinks within the modules.

Bob - Suggested putting "links" on the agenda for this summer.

Copyright/Intellectual Property - Tom Knecht - As a result of putting together some core competency training, including training for copyright and intellectual property for field staff and specialists in Mississippi, Tom's group has had a review session and has talked about some learning activities for each of the learning objectives. It is Tom's hope that a lot of what they are doing can be used for the CECP copyright/intellectual property module and possibly other modules. Development on the module is underway and will be expedited.

Bob Reynolds asked if Tom would share the information on core competencies with others, and Tom said he would. Tom offered to send out what has been done thus far. He solicited feedback on the modules. Bob suggested that the group share ideas about core competencies work at the summer meeting.Writing for the Local Media - Carla Craycraft - not on call. Haven Miller said he would share information about the module as he gets it.Marketing Extension Programs - Ellen Ritter - not on call. Module is coming along nicely. Accountability/Impact - Sharon Omahen - not on call. She reported to Garvin that she plans to set aside several days to work on the module. Media Relations - Tom Knecht - He has asked Danny Gardner to set aside a couple of hours each week to work on the module, and some progress has been made. Tom is going to meet with some people from their news group and review the module with them and get their input. Basically, the content is there. They want to enhance it with more interactivity. Comments -- Garvin asked if there was any way the rest of the group could help with any of the modules. Ashley asked for volunteers to review the newsletter module. Bob Reynolds and Don Stotts volunteered. Frankie Gould volunteered at an earlier date.
Update on eXtension - Dan Cotton will be joining the June teleconference to give an eXtension update. Fran Wolak from Clemson reported that he had attended a national Extension directors' meeting where a prototype was presented showing examples of three eXtension modules. He said the prototypes look good. Garvin commented that the monthly eXtension newsletter has been helpful.
Other Issues

  1. Garvin reported that he had talked to Sharon Omahen and Gloria Mosby about the PLN logo. The words "Cooperative Extension System" will be added. Then, the logo will be forwarded to Gloria, who will present it to the PLN group in May.
  2. Garvin asked that the group start thinking about topics for the PLN meeting in South Carolina. Ashley suggested a possible update on sharing Spanish language materials.

Dates/times for future committee conference calls:

June 15, 2005, 2 p.m. CST
August 10, 2005, 2 p.m. CST