COM - June 2007
June 11, 2007

The Communications Committee met via telephone conference beginning at 2 p.m. (central time) July 11, 2007, with Debbie Archer presiding. Others attending were Bob Reynolds, Anne Young, Gloria Mosby, Dee Shore and Frankie Gould.

Minutes from our most recent meeting, posted on the Web site, were approved without changes.

Debbie said that Dee Shore had been nominated to fill the term of Anne Young as vice chair and called for other nominations. Bob moved that nominations be closed. Debbie seconded the motion, and Dee was elected.

The committee then discussed agenda items for our August meeting in Louisville, KY. We will have 1.5 days to meet as a committee. Gloria indicated that the overall conference schedule is available on the SR-PLN Web site. Suggestions were as follows:

Debbie said that she would use these ideas to create a tentative agenda to share with the committee soon. Gloria encouraged those planning to attend the conference to make their hotel reservations now.

The committee adjourned at 3:25.
Respectfully submitted,
Dee Shore